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WP Custom Admin Interface

With WP Custom Admin Interface you can easily customise the WordPress admin and login interfaces.
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With WP Custom Admin Interface you can easily customize the WordPress admin menu and toolbar and customize the admin and login interfaces. But we’re just getting started! WP Custom Admin Interface provides a whole range of awesome admin features which other plugins will charge you for – this plugin is completely free.

Martin Gibson  
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By gabzy44 on August 8, 2023

The plugin is amazing.

Does Exactly as It Says

By FragMagnet on May 28, 2023

While hunting for a plugin that would allow me to customize the admin bar, most locked out the basic functionality I needed behind a yearly paywall. This plugin does it just fine and allows access to it for free.

A Satisfied User

By pnpcleaning21 on April 26, 2023

WP Custom Admin Interface is a really cool and very good plugin! I can do everything with it, what I want! It took me a long time, but I finally found the best one! Great!

Awesome Plugin!

By bonn1266 on April 12, 2023

This plugin works wonderfully as it allows some pretty deep edits to the menus, dashboard page and Top Bar. I am grateful for such a robust free version, I cannot imagine how much better the pro version is.!

Awesome! Has a lot of features!

By johnfoll on April 7, 2023

Although this is not the only plugin out there that can modify the css of Admin Pages or run JavaScript JQuery on the Admin site, it is probably has the most features! Wow! I was tired of having problems with my edit.php post list screen! I was using some ACF fields like Category and I use FS Poster and have Yoast SEO plugins installed and others. Several plugins were hogging valuable horizontal space til the Title was only about 3 characters wide and went a many lines down to display a title! So I used the Browser Debugger in FireFox to find out the html elements and tested the sizing I wanted to resize the table and each individual table element of "table.wp-list-table widefat posts". So now I have it the way I like it! If I install other things which mess this up, I can come in and fix the css again! If anyone wants to no my hack, let me now and I can share them the css or how I got what I needed from the browser debugger.

If I wasn't able to get everything I wanted by CSS I was prepared to throw JQuery at it! You bet I could later that edit.php displayed page quite easily with JQuery!

WP Custon Interface

By cupomatico on March 22, 2023

Realmente es genial, tiene muchas funciones que usualmente hacemos por separado, aumentando el numero de plugin en nuestra instalación

After plugin disabled -->"Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page."

By Brainfuck on March 14, 2023

I disabled the plugin, and the error "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." it's always visible this error, so i can't install any plugin, this is horrible, to obbligate people to buy this plugin!!!

Perfectly done, and bravo!

By cvladan on February 25, 2023

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the author for offering a truly perfect plugin that likely required a great deal of time to create.

Moreover, the author has generously provided a fully functional and unadulterated version in the true open-source spirit, without a bunch of upsells and nagging. The plugin UI is quite busy, but given the complexity of the theme, I can't imagine it being any simpler.

The plugin boasts a multitude of options, and for the average user, almost all of them are useful, and none are significantly crippled.

The range of possibilities is mind-boggling: Custom Login page with logo and everything, Disable automatic WordPress updates and/or Plugin updates, Custom JS, CSS and PHP for backend and frontend, Custom Maintenance aka Coming Soon page design, Supports creating admin color schemes, Allows you to create Admin notices, Hide plugins from appearing on the plugins page, Complete editing of Admin Menu without restrictions, Hiding users, Hide meta boxes as well as Sidebars.

It's like having five plugins in one, but in a good way. Thank you! And I hope you make a ton of money on the Pro version so that this "basic" version remains free for us "average" users.

Bravo! Thanks!

ok, but menu drag & drop re-order is useless

By nadworks on February 20, 2023

I mainly needed this plugin to re-order the admin menu for clients. But the missing "collapse" option before dragging/dropping items into the desired order makes this process borderline impossible. Shame.

Going back to Admin Menu Editor.

The best without any doubt!

By upimagestudio on February 3, 2023

Undoubtedly the best pluglin if you want to manage different equipment and protect your work system, easy to handle and very complete! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, you gave us a fantastic tool.

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