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Super Page Cache for Cloudflare

Speed up a WordPress website by caching your webpages onto global CDN using any Cloudflare Plan.
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Why Choose This Plugin? The Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin helps you to make your website blazing fast by taking the website caching to the next level. This plugin will help you to cache not only the static files (e.g. CSS, JS, images etc.) but also the HTML webpages generated by WordPress; both at server disk-level and to the global Cloudflare CDN.

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Google Page Speed 100 upon using this

By dsgjax on September 15, 2023

Does what it says, excellent site load times. The ability to purge single post cache is handy.

Great Plugin for Speeding up your Website

By bmsale on September 14, 2023

I found that following the recommendations and instructions leads to this plugin working very well.

bad support

By luuuuuly58 on September 12, 2023

i had a problem with the plugin and i contacted them, after they answered me once but still their ans didnt fix my problem the quite answering after i tried twice, badd support..

Increible, facil y eficaz

By rsaez on September 11, 2023

Lo que más me gustó es que no tuve que romperme la cabeza con configuraciones complicadas; lo instalas, pones tus datos de Cloudflare y ¡listo!


By T_ed on September 10, 2023

Easy to use, fast and reliable plugin. Definately one of the best caching plugin

One of the great ones..

By bluemagma on September 10, 2023

A little bit of setup AND built in tooling to check if Cloudflare really is caching your site! Made it so much easier to run a website on a raspberry pi out of my home internet because I could easily configure the caching for Cloudflare. 6 STARS

This is the best caching plugin!

By irawibowo on September 9, 2023

This is the best caching plugin I've ever used! I have Cloudflare Pro with the APO feature enabled, but I kept facing problems. Then, I tried this plugin, and everything started working smoothly. What's even better, this plugin is free!

Solid CF Integration with LiteSpeed

By David Keevis (upstaterider) on August 31, 2023

I'm using this side by side with LiteSpeed cache on a LiteSpeed server, delivering on a CF free account. While I don't have any customized page cache rules set up yet, everything works like a charm. The ability to go into Dev mode without logging into CF is nice, and remaining in Dev mode whilst not logged into CF is a bonus. It's a good clean capability. I'll be running some testing in the future with a CF APO implementation.

great plugin and works better then default Cloudflare plugin

By JMaartenW on August 31, 2023

Great plugin and works better then default Cloudflare plugin

Makes wordpress and woocommerce super fast

By amirhmoradi on August 29, 2023

This is a MUST have plugin if you want a super fast website. make sure to read all the configurations in detail to get the best use.

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