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WP Admin UI Customize

Customize the management screen UI.
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Dashboard Display options tab Output-meta site Admin bar (Toolbar) Admin menu (Side menu) Management of meta boxes Login screen Other features. These to Customization is possible.

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Not working 2 years ago

By mairimweb on February 23, 2021

More than 1 year ago I tried to track the plugin but it is not updated, it does not respond to the options it supposedly provides, I hope they can resume the update soon, the problem is that I do not know how I will find out when they manage to do it, it hurts :(

Oups, this review is an error !

By Ishko on July 9, 2020

Sorry. Error of reviex. I wanted to rate another plugin, this one is no more updated and then not usable. But I can't delete my review.

Support has stopped for this

By Dan (danflourish) on June 30, 2019

Support has stopped for this


By marcoatmac on June 26, 2019

Thank you very much

Fantastic Plugin.

By [email protected] ([email protected]) on September 1, 2018

Simple and does exactly what I need, particularly re-organizing the Sidebar. Some of the newer all-purpose themes come with a slew of builtin plugin-type features. For example, Qode's Bridge theme. But a good many of these, I don't use on any particular site. This plugin allows me to completely re-organize the sidebar such that the items I need are at the top and prioritized the way I use them!

Amazing plugin

By davidkatz on May 17, 2018

Simple and intuitive. Does exactly what it says and more.

Truly Awesome

By Venutius on January 24, 2018

I've only just started using the plugin and have only just scrated the surface on one of it's many awesome functions, but it has me blown away with the ease of use and functionality! Hat's off to you!

WordPress Admin Uncluttered!

By SVTX (svtx) on February 13, 2017

I really like this plugin, it removes all causes of eye cancer from my Dashboard!

100000000000000 Million Stars!!!

By tinyCoder on December 21, 2016

Wonderful job man, thank you very much. Incredible! All what we need in 1 plugin.

Wonderful plugin!

By apollosk on September 10, 2016

Very powerful, highly recommend it. Kudos to the author!

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