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WooCommerce ShipStation Integration

The official WooCommerce ShipStation plugin helps store owners integrate WooCommerce with ShipStation and expedite the shipping process.
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ShipStation’s sophisticated automation features help you shave many hours off your fulfillment process. Print wirelessly and share your printer with ease thanks to ShipStation Connect. Run your business on-the-go with ShipStation Mobile, the industry’s only mobile app (free for iOS and Android) and do everything from creating orders to printing labels and emailing return labels all from your phone or tablet.

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By itielcohenop on February 7, 2023

Stay away! They onboard you and then once the trial period is over NO ONE will talk to you. The platform charged us but did not credit the account so we could not ship AND the funds were frozen. You have to chat and demand and call and go crazy just for them to talk to you. THEY DONT CARE. They act like they're doing you a favor for even getting on the phone. It took us 4hrs just to speak with someone. STAY AWAY!!!

It works but don't expect frills

By tufty on November 3, 2022

It works OK, but it's missing important and basic features like sending barcode and customs data to Shipstation. It's no excuse that these fields are not built into WooCommerce because they could let you specify fields where this data is stored. Also, for variable products it sends the parent title, so Shipstation has little idea which variation is being sent.

Don't use ShipStation!

By tdk3hoe on August 17, 2022

WooCommerce: 5 stars. ShipStation: 1 star. My Airbnb guest left something and asked me to ship it UPS Next Day. The UPS website wanted $112. PayPal Shipping, which uses ShipStation, wanted $38. Wow that saves money! Except that the package arrived a day late. I contacted UPS for a refund but they told me to contact PayPal. PayPal told me to contact ShipStation. ShipStation's contact buttons don't work, they just bring you back to the "Contact Us" page. UPS 2-day was $38. It appears that ShipStation saves you money by downgrading deliveries, then hoping that the customer doesn't notice the late delivery.


By manwithnobrows on July 10, 2022

WordPress 6.0 breaks this plugin. Useless. Now we're about to launch and lost our connection. EDIT: It turned out that CloudFlare was blocking ShipStation because of the bot fighting settings. However, this plugin really should be updated, if for nothing else than to state that it has been tested with work with 6.0. (And yes, do test it, don't just edit the docblock and readme to say it works on 6.0.)

A must have

By dwdonline on June 8, 2022

When properly set up, the plugin runs flawlessly. Currently running on multiple sites.


By billy252 on February 23, 2022

I had reviewed this plugin with 1 star, as I had a frustrating issue that was common across multiple sites. I am changing this review to 4 stars, as I have discovered the source of the issue, and it is NOT with ShipsStation. The plugin now works as it should, sending orders from WooCommerce to ShipStation and then tracking information back to WooCommerce/the customer. I apologize for my previous remarks. Mea cupla.

Poor support, poor docs, and broken links everywhere

By anphira on December 29, 2021

Support is very hard to reach. Their links to "schedule a call" go to 404 pages. Their documentation is so bad it locked me out of my UPS account. And nearly everything in their instructions says "this setting only applies if only one of this one item is purchased". Yeah, only 1 of an item is easy to deal with. The whole point of trying ShipStation was because I'm trying to do things that aren't easy!

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