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WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

WooCommerce Shipping & Tax offers automated tax calculation, shipping label printing, smoother payment setup, and other hosted services for WooCom …
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WooCommerce Shipping & Tax makes basic eCommerce features like shipping more reliable by taking the burden off of your site’s infrastructure.

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No updates for MONTHS??

By laughados on May 1, 2023

Seriously, 2 months to not even confirm that it's compatible with WP 6.2? Yikes.

Plugin settings

By GrayHunter on April 28, 2023

Hi Team,

I have the "WooCommerce Shipping & Tax" plugin installed, but I'm not able to find its settings page. There is a Tax tab in WooCommerce settings (***/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=tax) but I guess this is the original WooCommerce settings, not the plugin's ones. Could you give me a direct link to the plugin settings (like the one above), please?

Also, could you please advise on what does this plugin actually do (keeping in mind that I don't have the Jatpack plugin installed)?

Regards, Jake.

Needs JetPack installed and connected

By newvibe on April 13, 2023

Edit: didn't realize my client had not connected jetpack to a wordpress.com account. Works fine. Nice to have a free option for sales tax calculation.

Original review: I couldn't get it work with or without jetpack. Set up a site with only Woo, Jetpack, this plugin and TwentyTwenty.

Requires Jetpack, no way!

By wilsonimport on March 29, 2023

Requires Jetpack, no way!

Obligated to install Jetpack ?! NO!

By pipetko on February 18, 2023

Forced to install the Jetpackp lugin ?! Otherways not working... F NO! Bye!

Trojan Horse

By colortonesnet on February 4, 2023

We need the essential function of USPS label no the overcrowded useless Jetpack. Bad idea to have it on my customers sites.

It forces you to install bloatware Jetpack

By Cristian (mastix) on December 5, 2022

This plugin forces you to install bloatware Jetpack that will slow your site down to crawling speed. They are forcing you to do this, as nobody would want to buy bloatware Jetpack by their own. I hope other tax option for woo come up, so we are NOT forced to install and make much slower our sites with Jetpack. Luckily, we have other options available and not being forced to have a lunch we do not want. I use EU/UK VAT Compliance Assistant for WooCommerce, but I have found others that are good, like YITH WooCommerce EU VAT. Just say no to any WP plugins that advance on you with such bad behaviors.

Useless for Canada Post

By addisonmarketingsolutions on November 16, 2022

If we can't print Canada Post labels, this plugin serves no purpose.

Does the plugin really require the JetPack Plugin?

By Vitaliy Lyubezhanin (harikjr88) on September 21, 2022

Looking at other plugins like WooCommerce payments, this plugin should follow suite and do the same thing. EVERY module is turned off and this plugin is unnecessary. However, even with all modules off, it's still causing issues. So please do that.

The worst Woo plugin... period.

By adiga762 on December 18, 2022

This is really the worst plugin I have ever used with WooCommerce. Major issues. I regularly get random server failure errors when trying to buy a shipping label. It forces plugin updates to regain function... not just for this plugin, but for many others. Which means I have to run out of cycle updates outside my regular quarterly backup/update schedule in which we test everything before going to prod. And JetPack is pure 100 percent sewer trash that has to be installed with this plugin. They need to go back to the drawing board. 

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