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WooCommerce PayPal Payments

PayPal's latest payments processing solution. Accept PayPal, Pay Later, credit/debit cards, alternative digital wallets and bank accounts.
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PayPal’s latest, most complete payment processing solution. Accept PayPal exclusives, credit/debit cards and local payment methods. Turn on only PayPal options or process a full suite of payment methods. Enable global transactions with extensive currency and country coverage. Built and supported by WooCommerce and PayPal.

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Does Not Support Subscriptions Out of the Box

By charmedchicken on May 30, 2023

ETA: Please see the reply below. There appear to be additional features which need to be activated on your paypal account before it will work but was not made clear.

This plugin does not support subscriptions. Verified on two sites. Single product shows Paypal as an option. Subscriptions do not. I upgraded several months ago, but just realized paypal wasn't showing on my site for subscriptions. This is not good and I wasted a couple of hours troubleshooting.

Could Not Have Been Easier

By Corey Kretsinger on May 24, 2023

I'd been dreading upgrading a client site due to the large number of negative reviews but I had ZERO problems with setting this up. It wasn't only easy, it was so easy it left me saying "That's it? It's working?"

Huge thanks to the developers for a job well done. Both my client and myself could not be happier.

Simple setup without problems

By michasumi on May 23, 2023

I was initially put off by the bad reviews, but the setup is very simple and so far there have been no problems. In my eyes a very good plugin

Doesn't work

By joukeschotanus on May 12, 2023

The plugin doesn't show all the alternative payment methods on my checkout page. I followed all the steps and all the actions I should take to solve the problem. Nothings works. Different browsers, computers and users all do not see them. In addition to this, when some customers tried to pay with PayPal, it got cancelled due to "the browser isn't supported for PayPal". Are we living in 1900? How can a company like PayPal not provide payment services for all browser. As icing on the cake: the support of the plugin just told me: yeah we don't know how to solve this.

Everything works

By studiomondiale on May 2, 2023

From download to productive use within minutes. Installation just works and is super easy.

I was hesitant to install this plugin due to all the negative reviews, but I have no issues so far.

Just one wish: Make strings translatable with Polylang.

Too much problems

By drmustafa1 on May 4, 2023

the one star is over rate for this plugin

Doesn't support subscriptions

By robcresswell on April 27, 2023

I - like many on here - was strongly encouraged by email to switch to this new Paypal plugin. After unsuccessfully installing it (couldn't get it to display in checkout) - the sales rep let me know "If it is mainly subs then unfortunately do not go ahead with it. That was a question I was going to ask as recurring payments at the moment do not function on the Platform. When we have the update on that we will let you know." Go figure...

Paypal Payments + Woo Commerce subscriptions update

By hjmt on April 24, 2023

Hey can we get a update on the new functions being implemented to help fix paypal & woo commerce subscriptions? I have seen posts stating a new update coming out soon will fix the errors.

great support

By chahn625 on April 24, 2023

I had an issue and the support team was very responsive to help resolve the problem.

Great plugin, great support

By boddhid on April 24, 2023

We have used WooCommerce PayPal Payments for over a year now, and it significantly boosted the usability of our shop. Our customers have a full schedule, and then being able to pay with a click is an enormous help. Installation was straightforward. When we ran into an issue, support helped us out on the same working day. Great plugin, great support!

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