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WooCommerce Payments – Fully Integrated Solution Built and Supported by Woo

Securely accept credit and debit cards on your site. Manage transactions without leaving your WordPress dashboard. Only with WooCommerce Payments.
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Payments made simple, with no monthly fees – designed exclusively for WooCommerce stores.

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This plugin is OK. Support Seriously Sucks.

By Scott (midipedalboards) on May 14, 2023

The support used to be good. But as they add so called “features” and raise the fees they take you’ll notice when something goes wrong and you NEED support. Imagine a $400+ sale is suddenly “lost”. Stripe itself can’t help as this plugin via it’s arraignment with Stripe can only be managed by Woocommerce.com. Try logging into express.stripe.com to see your “dashboard” and just try to find a link to “overview” like the FAQ says … it isn’t there folks. Support replies via email in 24 hrs? Bull$#@&. Try 48 hours at best and 72 or more if it’s a weekend day. We keep getting less and less while we pay more and more in fees.

I cant recommend this plugin anymore.

I have a worst & time wasting experiance with this plugin,

By markhor1 on May 9, 2023

I have a worst & time wasting experiance with this plugin, I will not recommend you to use this plugin, one they charge a lot of taxes and 2nd is they blocked your account, and did not reply you

Absolutely worthless

By johnjosephjohansson on April 26, 2023

Error messages through the plugin and no help on the Woocommerce site (their ticketing/support software doesn't work either). I've lost enough money trying to use this plugin and I'm going back to Stripe. Don't waste your time.

Simple and Easy

By idonaldson1 on April 5, 2023

I have been using Stripe for years and didn't have many issues however when I noticed WooCommerce had this plugin I thought I would give it a go, the payments are still being processed by Stripe so why not.

Been using this now for some time, not had many issues, the issues I have had I contacted support and within a few minutes chatting to someone and get any issues sorted pretty quickly.

With this all being integrated into WooCommerce it makes the whole experience for me a load smoother, just click and see my transactions, drill into transactions from orders, see my deposits etc.

Few items I would love them to invest in would be
1) Dynamically showing the payment options, showing the card section before an address is filled seems pointless. Not a huge issue but would makes things more clear to customers. This could be more WooCommerce vs WooPay
2) Making it clear to a customer that a payment has failed due to an incorrect "billing" address, or alternatively allowing us to set the fraud level we are happy with so it's not as stringent. Missed some sales because of this which is a bummer considering with Stripe this was never an issue.
3) Storing the fees in the metadata (have a feeling this may have just been implemented) I run some MySQL queries so I can easily identify sales, volumes, etc... just some analysis and PayPal store the fees as meta but WooPay did not meaning I had to scrape the notes for the fee values.

Overall very happy, will continue to use.

Can't change input text color

By edmundaskozlovskis on April 3, 2023

There is no possibility of a stylization payment form.

I couldn't possibly recommend this less. Just use Stripe instead.

By a.a.martines on March 8, 2023

Woo Payments is a great way to lose a ton of control in how you manage your store. Since it uses Stripe Express instead of Stripe, you give WooCommerce (the company, Automattic) complete control over your business's finances. They can see all of your transactions and even cancel or refund them. I don't want to hand over access to all of my business's transactions to a third-party company. Do you? Who knows what they use that data for after we give it to them for free.

On top of that, Woo Payments is a horrible choice if you do any subscriptions or payment plans. We tried to switch away from it due to the lack of access to our own financials, but it kept charging subscriptions even after it was disabled and deleted. On top of that, it kept charging payment plans that had already been paid in full and should have hit their "expire after" point.

Even worse, we had NO IDEA it was charging our customers until we got a mysterious Stripe payout. It didn't create any Orders or evidence that it had done anything within the site, and there's no way to access that information via Stripe Express. Our customers didn't get any notification that they'd been charged either. We couldn't track down the payments until we re-enabled Woo Payments on the site, and even after that we couldn't refund them and had to ask Woo support to refund them for us.

I've built over 100 eCommerce sites and I can't think of a single instance where I'd recommend Woo Payments as your store's payment processor.

Very poor has conflicts with many plugins

By thatsinsurance on February 27, 2023

I've had nothing but issues with this plugin since its been installed. I've had problems with Invalid Token errors when using Apple Pay, never got resolved because they just use the "plugin conflict" issues. So this works with regular payments but only on Apple Pay its a conflict with another plugin.. however of course its not their plugin thats the issue, but a 3rd party they can do nothing about! So I disabled that plugin which I needed and it then works, but then today (bearing in mind I havent touched the website) yet again its causing issues... a fatal error this time. I checked and once again its woocommerce payments causing this.. so I disabled every single plugin that was updated since this error and it did not resolve my issue.. I really think at this point I need to find another payment solution! The only thing that works is to disable the plugin and then my site works again.

This is the error. Plugins that were updated since:

Facebook for Woocommerce

Media Cleaner


Pintrest for Woocommerce

Query Monitor

All of the above were deactivated and did not resolve the issue. I really dont want to go through all of the work again to test the site only to be told its nothing to do with them. It clearly is, it always is!

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: in_array(): Argument #2 ($haystack) must be of type array, null given
in /www/pinkequinecom_315/public/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-payments/includes/platform-checkout/class-platform-checkout-utilities.php on line 135

322 / 5,000 Resultados de traducción Traducción It's giving me a malfunction

By devzendcode22 on February 1, 2023

I had the latest version of WP and the latest version of plugin but the site gave critical error

Deactivate all the plugins and "Woocommerce Payments" is the only one that put the site with that error.

I downloaded the versions of WP and the plugin but it still doesn't work, I await your comments

Quick and helpful support

By bibiideamatic on December 23, 2022

The support has been helpful to us. It was a problem about the payment that we didn't know if it would arrive us. Thank you for being there and your quick response.

Nice and easy

By kabodhidss on December 14, 2022

Love Woocommerce Payments. Its a simple setup and easy to use. I have it installed on a few sites and so much easier than setting up Stripe direct. I recently received support from these forums and my issue was sorted in a few days.

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