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WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML

Make your store multilingual and enable multiple currencies.
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Everything you need to start selling internationally is in this plugin. Easily set up and manage products in multiple currencies, no matter the size of your store or the team running it. Or, upgrade by purchasing WPML and translate your entire store to reach new customers all over the world.

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Very useful

By wpwilliam on September 29, 2023

It works well with most templates and plugins, even if sometimes configuration can be a little messy. It's the best solution for multilingual Woocommerce sites.

Works not with a Cache

By marro9555 on September 16, 2023

If you use a Cache it will not work. And who want a Onlineshop without Cache? Useless Plugin, its timewaste


By dockalle on August 23, 2023

Works brilliant

WPML will break your website and take your money.

By Callum (callumalden) on August 3, 2023

Not only did it kill my website performance. Not only was it beyond complicated and buggy. It is also alleged to be a scam. They charged me 80 USD to translate five pages, they've sent an invoice for well over 250 pages (majority of which are inaccessible; the translations do not exist). The China-based company who may or may not still have my credit card on file (there is no clear explanation and no replies to my email) have no interest in after sales support or refunding or even understanding the problem. This stinks of a scam.

My website is now broken. Despite an incredibly fast, cloud hosted, premium server we now have hanging pages, 404's all over the shop and a useless translation plugin called WPML did the damage.

Note carefully (I did not) the language on the credits page- a clever use of English implies the credits drop down to a fraction of a cent after the initial introductory credits are used. Note their refund policy. Note the 1 star ratings.

Note carefully the estimator only reads the current list of pages displayed / previewed (I think by default its 10 or so pages). You have to go digging to increase this number to show all pages, only then can you see the correctly estimated credits required.

Note the slow pace of feedback: one moment you've spent 25 credits. Return to your screen 30 minutes later: 150,000 are gone.

I feel so stupid as having previously (5+ years ago) I did trial this plugin and found it broke the site, it is incredibly badly written and not optimised in any way shape or form.

WPML is no better than a scam. You would do much better to create a spreadsheet of your content and take it direct to a language translation site or perhaps get someone to stick it through some AI. You can then import those back into another CMS. I cannot remember leaving a bad review on Wordpress for anything, but you must be warmed WooCommerce Multilingual is a rip off and it is no wonder others have called it a scam.

Great plugin

By indrek Kulli (indrekk) on July 31, 2023

Works well!

Works perfectly

By kalinplilov on July 19, 2023

We use the store plugin with one WP installation and three domains for different countries and the plugin works perfectly.

great plugin

By sadiqmayari on July 17, 2023

i got what i was searching for

Update failed: undefined

By artecodrew on July 15, 2023

There was a problem with the next update. What could be the reason?Update failed: undefined

Not usable without WPML paid license

By mejoraminegocio on May 30, 2023

Not usable without WPML paid license

La mejor opción ML a pesar de ello, muy mala.

By IndianWebs on May 11, 2023

Es muy triste que en 2023 wordpress no tenga un sistema ML nativo.

Que la mejor opción a día de hoy, sea WPML a pesar de los multiples fallos y de la poca integración de este en plugins, es lamentable.

Hace 20 años Joomla ya contaba con el ML nativo, que le da 10.000 patadas a WPML y es gratuito.

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