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WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway

Accept PayPal, Credit Cards and Debit Cards on your WooCommerce store.
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⚠️ Support for PayPal Checkout will discontinue from 1 Mar 2022 and updates to the plugin have stopped as of 1 Sept 2021. We recommend switching to PayPal Payments.

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By nejcox on August 29, 2022

Works but button doesn't show in quick cart (sidebar).

The Plugin doesn't work properly

By meatface888 on July 26, 2022

If any required data fields are not filled in or terms and condition is not checked off Paypal still launches a window and shows loading screen indefinitely. No error or prompt that tells customer they are missing these. Not long ago it would go through the process and ask you to login and then error it trys to process payment. It's been broken like this for many months. I would give this plugin a negative if I could as I have lost customers and have had customers complain my site is broken. It's really bad this is the only plugin available if you want to use Paypal payments.


By soulrider71 on April 25, 2022

Why do you stop the support for a plugin that works and replace it with a plugin that doesn´t work (for a unacceptable share of installations)?

Needs work

By smolgiant on February 25, 2022

Refund option only leave manually refunds...


By webgecko on December 29, 2021

This AddOn doesn't work, it's crab! Hands off!

Avoid and beware increased costs

By Miso (misopaper) on November 25, 2021

Didn't work well on my test web site and very glad I tested first before screwing up my live site. Does not respect the ordering of payment method buttons according to the priority of payment methods configured in Woocommerce settings. Instead, it forces its way to the top, which a complete deal breaker because I also have Stripe (lower fees) and Klarna. Furthermore, it seems you end up on a monthly billing plan when you make the switch, and it's not reversible!

Problems for EVERY website I install it on, run away!

By Website Dude (modernscarface) on August 13, 2021

PainPal has actual reps calling all my customers telling they MUST upgrade, but they are only wanting them to upgrade because they want your customers to have that PainPal Credit option to get more people to signup for their new credit service. SO MANIPULATIVE! For the 6 customers of mine that I couldn't convince to not go with this plugin (due to the rep literally calling over and over again until they caved and just told me do it anyway) They all came back later complaining there were complaints from customers not able to checkout and they were losing money. I HIGHLY recommend you NEVER install this plugin, but if PainPal will keep on your customers and you can't convince them to ignore them or tell them to leave them alone, just make sure you put your recommendations in writing like I did so you can refer back to that when they start waiving the "I've lost revenue" flag at you.

Huge and annoying advertising

By Aidatün (aidatun) on August 1, 2021

Since the last update, a huge notice appears on the plugins page for you to subscribe to the premium version. This notice looks like an update notification, which is confusing for my clients, who are continually asking me to update this plugin when it is perfectly up to date. The plugin should not include this type of advertising without being able to be discarded.

It work well with my website

By caramella1123 on June 30, 2021

this plugin work well with my website, they should be add the opportunity to remove the button "add cart" and will be perfect!

Worst of all the Paypal integration available

By Mickey (sachin0414) on June 16, 2021

Tested this plugin with many website projects but it never make to the production site.

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