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WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Wishlist is a simple but powerful tool that can help your customer save products for buying later.
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WPC Smart Wishlist is a powerful yet intuitive plugin for helping your customers manage their to-buy list and save favorite items for later purchase. This helps the purchase flow on your site become more fluent and convenient while saving quite a great amount of time on searching for products and adding them to cart for buyers.

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awsome and simple plugin

By soma95r on September 15, 2023

I liked this plugin, It's simple and functional. It got better if we can do more customization like window width or image sizes. thank you for this free awsome plugin

BEST Wishlist plugin

By toppro on May 24, 2023

I tired many. This one is THE best. OUTSTANDING support as well!

Amazing support! They added a feature request immediately

By adskinner on March 27, 2023

I'm posting a 5 star review because I made a request via support for a new feature to the plugin (allowing the option for the note per product feature to be public to all visitors) and they made that feature possible right away! I was exploring another wishlist plugin and did not provide that level of support. This made all the difference!

Best Wishlsit plugin

By lcncn on March 27, 2023

It's a great plugin with clean and moblie friendly design. Easy to set up.
1. Pop up window is easy to see customer's own items.
2. Excellent design, no need additional CSS.

amazing plugin and support

By fayeznor on March 23, 2023

amazing support, design , options

It would have gotten 5 stars except for ...

By jlking3 on March 4, 2022

For a free product, this wishlist is practically everything one could hope for. The programmers did a wonderful job with the wishlist page, sharing the list, notifying the user when there's a price drop--all the basics, and a couple of nice extras, The two things that it needs (and developers, pay attention, because I'd pay for the premium if it includes this, and I believe others would, too) is the ability to use an icon instead of a button, and/or the ability to overlay the button (or hopefully later, the icon) over the product thumbnail in the shop and the image(s) in the carousel on the product page. In the case of overlaying the button, I envision a clever and elegant solution in the shop that could work with other WPC plugins and widgets, where hovering over the shop's image thumbnail would show a semi-transparent overlay with 3 buttons: one for add to cart, one for quick view (if installed) or go to product page, and one for add/drop from wishlist. By the time the customer is choosing from one of those 3 selections, they are showing interest in the product, and so the need of an image to attract the customer to the product is less needed. The random cursor movements over products while browsing the shop pages will reveal the buttons, making their use intuitive. Less screen real estate is taken up with buttons, allowing the customer to focus on the most important part of the store: the products. As it is, an add to cart button, a quick view button AND a wishlist button on the shop pages is somewhat clunky. Depending on the theme's CSS, off-product-image buttons are different sizes, different fonts (and different sized fonts), different corner round percentages, some shadow when hovered, some change color when hovered. The buttons for one product are not aligned with the buttons for another product because of the length of product titles. Using the text link option instead of a button helps alleviate some of the button problems, but that also gives the impression that the wishlist was an afterthought, and reduces the professional appearance. The button/textlink issues I've mentioned would be eliminated if the developers had an option to use an icon (like a heart or a magic wand) overlaid in one of the corners of the product thumbnail in the shop, and one of the corners in the product page's carousel, to toggle adding or dropping the product from the wishlist, or adding the product, then a second-click going to the wishlist page. That addition would make this product truly stand out among its competitors (might even make those plugins obsolete), and would be well worth paying a premium for.

lights, camera, action !

By Anonymous User 14293447 (anonymized_14293447) on December 24, 2021

Simple, effective, flawless integration of a wishlist into Woocommerce without all the stuff that leads to an heavy and prone-to-conflict application. I have 2 plugins from this company, everything looks solid and promising so far.

Excellent service and attention

By acvbien on December 14, 2021

The plugin is really effective and very practical, and of course with so many parameters of an eccommerce involved, something can go wrong, but it is very important that for these developments there are very professional people to respond and support them. This is one of them. Excellent service and attention.

a bit ugly

By weboersma on November 15, 2021

Looks outdated: Shows a rather ugly button with text. No option for showing an Icon. The wishlist is too narrow.

Good plugin and support

By rs2021 on June 24, 2021

The wishlist works well. You need the paid version to style the look of it. The support is excellent, even for the free version.

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