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WebP Express

Serve autogenerated WebP images instead of jpeg/png to browsers that supports WebP.
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Plugin Information

More than 9 out of 10 users are using a browser that is able to display webp images. Yet, on most websites, they are served jpeg images, which are typically double the size of webp images for a given quality. What a waste of bandwidth! This plugin was created to help remedy that situation. With little effort, WordPress admins can have their site serving autogenerated webp images to browsers that supports it, while still serving jpeg and png files to browsers that does not support webp.

Bjørn Rosell  
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almost perfect

By audioscavenger on March 29, 2023

works out of the box IF you know what you are doing. I use docker, nginx, apache, CloudFlare cache and autoptimize and it still works... incredible

Works Great!

By Panos Sakalakis (meymigrou) on February 14, 2023

I'm using it in most of my sites with Performance Lab plugin and I had no problems providing / compressing my images to WebP. Thank you for providing this plugin!

thank you for this nice plugin

By mikhak on January 4, 2023

this is so nice and useful plugin I enjoy using that. thank your.

I hope good and nice days for the developers

Thank you!

By strarsis on December 14, 2022

Hopefully this or parts of it will be added to core for webp support!

Doesn’t works if images are in custom folder

By Merkucio on December 8, 2022

My website image are stored in specific plugin’s upload folder. I selected ‘all content’ in settings. Plugin shows, that more then 5000 images was converted. But I still see only jpg and png images on my website. Useless plugin!

Not updating from 6 months

By lorenzobrandimarte on November 23, 2022

This plugin is great and it works perfectly on all my sites. The only problem has not been receving updated from 6 months, which is a lot of time. I hope the developer will update the plugin soon!

Seem a nice plugin...

By TFMEDIA™ (ab18282) on October 25, 2022

For now seem working whell. I hope you give support for now and in the future. Today I say thank for Your great Work!

Not working

By marbs on August 8, 2022

I tried each and every step for hours until I installed Converter for Media – Convert WebP and AVIF & Optimize Images | Ease image optimization. With a few simple clicks WebP images are served.

Amazing Plugin - Old School

By xolite on July 11, 2022

Always a pleasant surprise to come across a very well written plugin that out performs what it suggests and without all the nag/links/upgrade/GoToPro. Nice and simple interface, easy configuration and works perfectly. You will find one link "Buy The Developer A Coffee" and I certainly will, thank you. Miss these days and types of developers.

Game changer for Cloudflare free tier users

By masvil on July 8, 2022

It is a game changer for Cloudflare free tier users. Thanks to "CDN friendly" + Replace image URLs you can serve WebPs. Also the "on demand" concept is great! Hat off dev, donation well deserved.

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