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Visual Composer Website Builder, Landing Page Builder, Custom Theme Builder, Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Pages

[New] Easy drag and drop page builder that gives the freedom to design WordPress websites, landing pages, custom themes, maintenance mode & coming …
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[New] Visual Composer – all-in-one WordPress Website Builder & Landing Page Builder Free WordPress website builder that gives you the freedom to create websites. A page builder with advanced design features, responsive fonts, easy to use interface, and a seamless drag and drop editor powered by React.

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giving it 5 for the old but gold title!

By RwkY (rwky) on July 14, 2023

This plugin should be a founding member (or at least aknowledged as one) of the growth of Wordpress! Sure it is not as popular as before, but one thing is for sure, you build it once and it stays built and reliable!

No, no, and NO

By phoenixrising1016 on June 22, 2023

If you are creating websites professionally this is not the plugin you want. It is very clunky and you WILL have issues updating the plugin, WordPress Core, and other plugins as well. What we noticed are the following:

The undo feature isn't always available, so if you remove something and want it back, you may not be able to do it.

There is no option for minimum height of a row at all whatsoever. You have to use margin and padding to emulate that or you have to hardcode it in.

It puts spacing between areas where you may not want it. In order to remove that spacing you have to use negative margins, which isn't ideal.

When you design a page, we have noticed that when coming back to make updates, there are areas that you can't even see anymore. It's hard to explain, but all I can say is it's totally frustrating when you can't do anything.

This plugin will BLOAT YOUR DATABASE. It doesn't matter what the size is, you're going to wind up finding out that you're site is HUGE when it shouldn't be. After troubleshooting we found it was creating empty tables. We had to manually optimize it and clean out all of the excess junk it creates.

It's doesn't play well with other plugins. There's no telling which ones until you finally figure it out when something doesn't play nice.

Everything needs paid now

By andr3selite on May 25, 2023

I recommended my employer to choose a Theme with Visual Composer, because it used to be the best, just to find out that tried to copy Elementor design process, and now everything needs to be paid...adding a simple "cart counter" has to be paid...all the modules created by the theme that used to work with Visual Composer, now are gone, and were replaced by "Go Premium" if you want to use them again.

Great plugin

By tarathepainter on May 2, 2023

I think this is a great plugin that gives you lots of options of customization while still allowing you to work visually vs back door. I am still waiting on an update to their template for woocommerce which has had outdated template files (this has been over a year). I also am not a fan of having to write/give reviews to make popups go away or to update my subscription to reflect their new pricing structure. I get reviews are important but...

My top choice

By Imants (0aksmith) on April 14, 2023

As a WordPress developer, I've used most of the major page builders, but Visual Composer stands out from the rest.

It's intuitive drag&drop UI allows me to create great websites quickly, without touching any frontend code.

One of my favorite features is it's 'Role Manager' extension.

It enables me to limit the access to specific elements within the builder, based on a user role.

For instance, I can restrict Authors and Editors from changing critical sections of the website while still allowing them to craft posts visually.

This feature has saved me many hours of troubleshooting and ensures that my client's websites remain consistent in style and design.

I highly recommend this page builder to anyone looking for a flexible and easy-to-use solution for their WordPress site.

Free version is incredibly useless

By andersonmic on April 7, 2023

The free version is severely gimped, with some key features taken out that even the most basic designer would consider necessary. It is also pretty much an advertisement window for the paid version, with a mass of large buttons that simply declare they are not available in this version.

Slow, and laggy

By pipetko on February 15, 2023

Slow, and laggy. Premium or free... diffretnce in options, quality - the same. Pretty much just like WPBakery.

too slow to fix bugs

By malakith on February 3, 2023

they are simply too slow to respond to site breaking bugs. avoid at all costs

Great support

By yokaylab on November 16, 2022

Quick and willing to assist with good heart.

Great product, fantastic team

By Marko OceanWP (wpfleek) on November 14, 2022

When our users use a great and stable product like Visual Composer, it also helps our team greatly, because there are less support tickets and questions involving third-party plugins so we can put the focus where it belongs - guidance around our products alone. What's even better is the immediate reaction and unselfish help from the VC team in case of any compatibility problems between our products (which has happened). This may sound like a normal thing to WP users, but the truth is far from it and I wish things and policies will improve with time, so that all developers would find a way to work together on mutual solutions / improvements. So far, the experience involving Visual Composer itself, and especially the team has been nothing but fantastic and I can only hope these guys will keep this approach in the future as well. Disclaimer: I'm a part of a different development team. However, aside from mutual respect for each other's products and/or actions, or personal respect for team members I had interaction with, no other form of partnership on a company or personal level exists between us at this point.

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