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Proxy Cache Purge

Automatically empty proxy cached content when your site is modified.
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This plugin does not install nor configure a cache proxy. It acts as an interface with such services.

Mika Epstein  
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Age Header Missing

By bandsaw12 on September 5, 2023

Spent most of the day working on getting this working with a remote NGINX reverse proxy. The plug-in keeps complaining about no age header in the response. Google seems to suggest that etags and age headers no longer supported in dynamic content with NGINX. Plug-in help is of no help on what header the plug in is expecting to see in order to work.

removed. Will have to keep deleting the cache the old manual way.

Works Precisely As Advertised

By random9q on April 6, 2023

No complaints, it's been working perfectly for years.

Need it very, very seldom — but when I do need it it works.

When I don't need it? It's out of the way and doesn't advertise itself overmuch, like some of the other plugins I've used over time.


By senatmedia on January 22, 2023


Just saying thank you for this plugin

By Dave Loodts (davelo) on September 1, 2022

Thanks for bringing out this plugin! Varnish can be quit "dogged" in it's caching, this plugin solves it very nicely. 1000% thanks!

Plugin fails with host migrations

By rvry on April 15, 2020

I host my site on a Dreampress host and I've been using this plugin for years with success and I was super comfy given the plugin is "Brought to you DreamHost." However a couple of weeks ago Dreamhost initiated a migration of my site to another server. Ever since then my site has been really slow when post updates have been performed (ie whenever wp_insert_post() is called). AJAX calls and routines would stall for ~30 seconds. After hours and hours debugging my code (custom plugin) it turns out this plugin caused the problem! When you specify a custom IP, and that IP no longer exists, the plugin stalls presumably because it's trying to connect to the old specified IP. Suggested improvements: 1) The plugin should detect this and spit out an error (to errors.log or ideally to admin console) if proxy connections are taking too long. I'm guessing it does a check when you first set an IP but perhaps it should do a more regular check. 2) Dreamhost operational processes should be modified given the plugin comes from Dreamhost! If Dreamhost choose to migrate someones site, they should check for the existence of this plugin, and either update the custom ip to suit the new host or perform some alternate remediation before migrating and breaking the site. I trust implementing both of these will go a long way to keeping a site operational and be well received by Dreamhost customers.

GOOD! Easy and effective!

By lars Portman (webppower) on July 19, 2020

Don'tneed anyother catching plugin if it's setup right!


By Kunal Desai (iamkunaldesai) on October 19, 2018

Awesome plugin. Does what it says.

It Works!

By Ed Thomas - a11n (eDThomas) on September 3, 2016

Works as described, has awesome support, and is just generally rad. High fives to everyone involved.

Helps me a loot

By angryhotdog on February 7, 2017


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