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User Feedback – Create Interactive Feedback Form, User Surveys, and Polls in Seconds

Ultimate user feedback plugin to ask questions, surveys, polls, from your website in seconds
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The UserFeedback WordPress plugin allows you to collect real-time feedback from your website visitors, helping you increase engagement and improve your website. It offers a variety of features such as customizable surveys, instant notifications, and powerful reporting. To access all the features, you can purchase the UserFeedback Pro version.

UserFeedback Team  

Increase engagement, traffic, and revenue

Collect realtime user feedback to understand why your visitors are engaging with your website and optimize their experience for maximum engagement, traffic, and revenue.

Customize surveys easily

With our UserFeedback plugin, you can create unlimited surveys with various question types and customize them to measure what matters to your visitors, allowing you to gather valuable user feedback.

Instant notifications and unlimited feedback

Our plugin provides instant notifications when a user fills out a survey, so you can respond quickly. Plus, there are no limits on the amount of feedback you can collect, ensuring you have all the data you need to make informed decisions.

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User feedback is really awesome plugin for WordPress Website

By ilyaschwebdeveloper on September 27, 2023

User feedback is really awesome plugin for WordPress Website


By absoluteawaken on September 25, 2023


very good

By frankolize on September 25, 2023

has help me alot

Muy bien

By serysaber on September 22, 2023

buen producto


By jsharer2 on September 21, 2023


Its great

By jrsk on September 20, 2023


great plugin

By biagiopepe on September 20, 2023

Very useful and great!

Nice and good plugin to get feedback from users

By tutorialaicsip on September 19, 2023

Great plugin to get feedback from users on blog.

Great plugin

By benni51 on September 19, 2023

This is a really useful plugin.

Great User Friendly Plugin

By Jane Cairns (jacairns) on September 18, 2023

Great way to survey the followers of your website to see what content resonates with them.

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