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Ultimate Category Excluder

Ultimate Category Excluder allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, feeds, and search results.
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Ultimate Category Excluder, abbreviated as UCE, is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, feeds, and searches. Just select which categories you want to be excluded, and UCE does all the work for you!

Marios Alexandrou  
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Killed my traffic

By spreaditunlimited on September 15, 2022

It got my site to 0 organic traffic after using it to hide just 1 category

Did not work for me

By estiedejager on August 24, 2022

Looks very promising, but you can only hide or exclude Blog Categories and not product categories. For that one needs some very expensive plugins. Would be neat is someone could create such a plugin though

Plugin Improvment

By ptipti23 on June 1, 2022

Hello! Can you improve your plugin for hiding category in Wordpress Category Widget? Example code:
function exclude_widget_categories($args) {
	$options = ksuce_get_options();
	$exclude = array();
		foreach ( $options[ 'exclude_main' ] as $value ) {
			$exclude[] = $value; 
    $args["exclude"] = implode(',', $exclude);
    return $args;

Didn't Work For Me.

By mathst on May 15, 2022

Didn't work for me at all.

Did the trick

By consumerista on April 27, 2022

I hid categories from my homepage using CSS, but my theme would still show an empty space for posts from those categories. Somehow, this plugin fixed that problem.


By woodypad on February 17, 2022

Simple and functional! Thanks for your plugin

Top Tier Plugin

By ximbor on August 10, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to create such an awesome plugin :) excluded the categories just as I needed while allowing them to be indexed on google etc still

Seems to be working

By fannaticall (debrawhite) on July 8, 2021

Seems to be working okay. It has successfully excluded the selected categories from my homepage, but they are not excluded from my "blog" section. I'm not quite sure why this is, but that is a secondary concern for me. For the time being, I've got the important things off the homepage, which is my priority. Very easy to install and to set up.

Some PHP Bug

By metaeditor on March 14, 2021

The Plugin shows a Bug in the Admin Panel under the column Exclude from Search Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /usr/www/users/meetmypage/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-category-excluder/ultimate-category-excluder.php on line 81 Additional wish it would be great if we could exclude all children of a Category if mother Cat is selected Great Plugin Concept to stay organized System info UCE version: 1.1 PHP version: 7.4.16 WordPress version: 5.7 Theme: YOOtheme is version 2.4.2 Number of categories is: 46

Doesn't work with Woocommerce

By backburner on December 3, 2020

Product categories are not included in the list to exclude. Only blog categories are included. This does not do what I was trying to accomplish. I am giving it 3 to be kind, since I did not use the plugin to know if it actually functions well aside from not doing what I need.

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