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Spectra – WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Power-up the Gutenberg editor with advanced and powerful blocks that help you build websites in no time! This first Gutenberg plugin is here to make w …
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Spectra (Formerly, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg)

Brainstorm Force  
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An easy to use great plugin

By kashif61 on May 29, 2023

Although I am a fresh user of spectra but I have found it a very user friendly plugin. Hats off to the developers

Great support

By mkastrupsen on May 24, 2023

Had a problem that I really could not fix and spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Asked Support and they answered within the hour - with a simple and clear solution that fixed it immediately. Thx

Great theme but i have a suggestion

By bispodesign (luisnbispo) on May 21, 2023

It would be great add custom links in Image Gallery Blocks

A full-feature blocks plugin

By pracko on May 15, 2023

Spectra blocks are a must-have for all block-based FSE themes. It has everything you need, including a block for forms, tons of pre-made block patterns and the ability to easily add and load Google fonts to FSE themes.

After a few days of use DB size grew hundreds of megabytes

By wiselifehub on May 2, 2023

The size of the DB has increased by hundreds of megabytes after only a few days of use. The cause is this plugin. The postmeta table has tens of thousands of entries. The meta_key is _uag_page_assets. One is currently about 30K. The new entries are getting bigger and bigger.

That entries's post_id value is 168287****. But no post has a value this large. The value is time. This plugin creates an entry with the time of creation as the post_id.

This plugin also creates tens of thousands of entries in pairs with the name _uag_css_file_name with a size of 33B.

Isn't this plugin supposed to delete anything that is outdated?
I don't know. Should I delete them?

How is this free?!

By David Adams (tictag) on April 26, 2023

How is this plugin free?! What a fantastic set of widgets, powerful, with comprehensive customisation options. Easy to use. A lot of thought has gone into these. Spectra is now on my 'automatically install' list for new websites. Utterly outstanding!!

No captions in gallery widget

By csoszitibor on April 20, 2023

Switching on captions in gallery widget, it shows only the default, but not the custom captions

Broke my site all of the time – support was not helpful

By jodeleit on April 18, 2023

I was an Astra Pro customer and relied on Spectra for my site. Approximately every 24 hours, elements on my site would break, ruining the layout.

I had extensive communication with the Astra Pro support team, repeatedly explaining that clicking "Regenerate Assets" in the backend would temporarily fix the layout. I provided a staging site, access to my site, and shared browser console errors, as there were no relevant server log errors. I did everything I could to give the support team all the information they needed.

In the end, the support team concluded that the issue was specific to my site and offered no help. It was a disappointment.

During a political election, my candidate was running for "mayor" of a city with 50,000 inhabitants. It was crucial for the website to be functional, but it was repeatedly defaced due to Spectra issues. Despite these setbacks, my candidate won the election, but it could have easily gone the other way. Spectra, by causing daily disruptions, was a real obstacle to our campaign's success. I regret relying on this plugin to build the layout in Gutenberg.

This experience negatively impacted our entire campaign. I repeatedly brought the issue to Astra/Spectra Pro support's attention, but they failed to provide a viable solution over several weeks. I even suggested running a cron job to automatically "Regenerate Assets" every few minutes as a temporary fix. However, the button didn't have a CSS ID, which would have enabled me to automate this process with a bot, and the support team did not offer any helpful advice.

After many unproductive conversations, I received the unhelpful response that the issue was specific to my site, and there was no further help.

As an admin for approximately 50 WordPress sites and having managed hundreds over the past 15 years, I'm a pro customer of the Astra Theme. I've never experienced such a detrimental effect from a single plugin that acted like a virus.

I'm extremely disappointed as an Astra Pro customer and would advise anyone experiencing similar issues with Spectra to avoid using it. This experience has even shaken my trust in Astra overall.

My customer service experience as a Premium License Holder was unbelievably poor. The responses I received were unhelpful and unsatisfactory. It was a truly disruptive experience.

I have now removed Spectra from the site entirely.

Having been involved in WordPress, server logs, and ambitious projects since 2008, I can confidently say that I'm not a rookie. I have never experienced such a disastrous issue with a single plugin ruining an entire website project, coupled with pseudo-assistance from support.

I rarely leave negative reviews, but this situation warrants one. I'm absolutely upset, and this is probably the most negative review I've ever written for any product on the Internet - with good reason.

Best gutenberg plugin

By Jérémy (zoriko) on April 14, 2023

Add so many useful feature for Gutenberg.
So you can build an amazing site without site builder, faster than ever.

Loving Spectra Gutenberg Blocks

By scopie (scopieg) on March 31, 2023

...with one exception so far. The post queries don't seem to take into account sticky posts. :-(

Besides that, the blocks offer lots of tweaks that create beautiful content.

Thanks, Spectra!

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