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Enable Two-Factor Authentication using time-based one-time passwords (OTP, Google Authenticator), Universal 2nd Factor (FIDO U2F, YubiKey), email and …
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Use the “Two-Factor Options” section under “Users” → “Your Profile” to enable and configure one or multiple two-factor authentication providers for your account:

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Works like expected

By Latz on September 12, 2023

The installation was easy. No problems so far.


By flyingkites on September 7, 2023

Installed on WP 6.3. Works fine.

I tried a few but they were too complex. This one makes it easy to secure a specific user (admin) and get a code via email which is what you need now hosting companies (Bluehost, GoDaddy) allow login to admin via their control panels with administrator passwords. (Talk about inbuilt security breaches)


By Patrick Boehner (Patrick B) on September 5, 2023

It works well and integrates nicely. It works as if it was a native part of WordPress, which is what I want out of any plugin.

Simple and Reliable

By chomique on July 19, 2023

First plugin I install for each new website.
What would make it perfect is that the code sent via email was displayed in a separate line.
This would avoid adding a whitespace when selecting a string.

Streamlined and Effective

By Arslan Ahmed (passoniate) on May 24, 2023

As a contributor to the Two-Factor WordPress Plugin, I'm excited to present my review of this exceptional security solution. This plugin operates flawlessly, delivering a streamlined and user-friendly interface for configuring two-factor authentication (2FA) with minimal effort. One of the aspects I'm particularly fond of is its commitment to focusing on a single function while excelling at it, providing users with a reliable and efficient solution. In this review, I will delve deeper into the plugin's impressive features and highlight its effectiveness in enhancing WordPress security.

Impressive Simplicity: The Two-Factor WordPress Plugin truly shines in its simplicity. Configuring 2FA is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward and intuitive interface. Even users with minimal technical knowledge can easily set up the plugin without any hassle. By focusing on the core functionality of two-factor authentication, the plugin avoids overwhelming users with unnecessary features, ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated experience.

User-Centric Design: The plugin's user-centric design is a testament to its effectiveness. It prioritizes the needs and preferences of users, providing them with a seamless and efficient 2FA setup process. Whether users opt for time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), QR code scanning, or other authentication methods, the plugin caters to their diverse requirements, enhancing security without compromising convenience. The straightforward configuration options empower users to strengthen their WordPress logins with just a few clicks.

Contributor Involvement: As a proud contributor to the Two-Factor WordPress Plugin, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of a project that prioritizes user security. Collaborating with the dedicated development team has been an enriching experience, and I've witnessed firsthand their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Contributing to this plugin has allowed me to play a role in providing users with a reliable and effective security solution for their WordPress websites.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Two-Factor WordPress Plugin stands out as a remarkable tool for enhancing WordPress security. Its flawless performance, coupled with a user-friendly interface, makes it a top choice for configuring two-factor authentication with ease. The plugin's simplicity is commendable, offering users a focused and streamlined solution without overwhelming them with unnecessary features. As a contributor to this exceptional project, I take great pride in recommending the Two-Factor WordPress Plugin to WordPress users who value simplicity, security, and reliability.

Two-Factor plugin functions flawlessly!

By fahimmurshed on May 24, 2023

This plugin functions flawlessly! It provides users with a straightforward and straightforward interface for configuring two-factor authentication (2FA), requiring minimal configuration, if any. What I appreciate most is that it focuses on doing one thing exceptionally well, as opposed to overwhelming users with a multiplicity of unrelated features.

Extremely Secure

By Masum Billah (masumwp) on April 28, 2023

Really easy to protect WordPress login

Vary Nice

By Sainipabla on April 17, 2023

Thanks for your efforts


By 3ehrouz on March 27, 2023

Thanks for your efforts

got some problems with Auth Apps

but email method works just fine

Extremely safe and secure

By Pagecode (pagecode) on March 16, 2023

Best way to protect logins on WP

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