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Translate Multilingual sites – TranslatePress

Translate your entire site directly from the front-end and go multilingual, with full support for WooCommerce and page builders + Google Translate int …
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Plugin Information

Experience a better way to translate your WordPress site and go multilingual, directly from the front-end using a visual translation interface.

Cozmoslabs, Razvan Mocanu, Madalin Ungureanu, Cristophor Hurduban  
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Great plugin

By kancho8 on June 2, 2023

Makes it possible to do your own translation of pretty much any part of the site. Very good plugin.

Rápido , fácil y efectivo.

By ashmoon on June 2, 2023

Con la licencia developer y deepl traduzco los sitios en minutos. Tengo que pagar el plugin y los caracteres de traducción, pero sin duda es mucho más barato hacerlo a mano. Además de que no duplica las páginas

I'm glad I discovered TranslatePress

By Rebeen Sarbast (rebeensarbast) on May 31, 2023

I'm glad I discovered TranslatePress; it's fantastic and I love it; it makes my life so much easier. If you're looking for a simple and stable solution for your small or medium-sized website, this plugin is a must-have. I don't have any experience using it for large websites, so I can't recommend it for that, but I don't see why you shouldn't.

Very Good For Small-Mid Websites

By hassandayem on May 31, 2023

I found Translatepress very good for small and medium size websites, If you have an RTL website, It might be challenging in terms of setting up the directions of text and elements. If you use a builder like bricks or oxygen or you're building the website from the ground up, it will be easy for setting the directions.

Works as intended

By cruzs on May 29, 2023

Easy to work with.

Great Muli-Language Plugin

By maysnak on May 27, 2023

Very easy to use and very flexible and effective.

Excellent plugin, lots of features for free

By mjayas on May 25, 2023

It would be nice for accessibility features like alt tags on images to be translatable using the free plugin, but understandable that it's not.

Minor feature request: it would be great if the algorithm that matches strings in one language to another could ignore special characters, like ­ and   characters. Adding them (to optimize hyphenation or prevent ugly line-breaks) to an existing string that has already been translated breaks the link between translations. The suggested translations help there, but it would be nicer if it weren't necessary in those cases.

Good plugin & good support

By Célia (celios17000) on May 25, 2023

We have installed the plugin for a while on our site to translate it into 9 languages. The plugin works very well, its interface is easy to use and the support team is very reactive and finds solutions quickly.

love it! best WP translate plugin out there

By dkiriakakis on May 24, 2023

this is by far the best and simplest translate plugin out there

So quick & easy to use - love it!

By Paul (pmax15) on May 22, 2023

As a long-time user of WPML, I'm extremely happy to have found this plugin and can honestly say it's the easiest translation plugin I've ever used - and as a professional translation agency we've used many.

It simply works as it should!

Not had to use the support yet, but hoping it's as good as the many reviews say.

Keep up the good work!

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