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10Web Booster – Website speed optimization, Cache & Page Speed optimizer

Speed up your site with 10Web Booster. Pass Core Web Vitals by optimizing HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Image Optimization, Lazy Loading, Cache, Google Fon …
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10Web Booster is the speed optimization plugin for improving the overall performance of any website.10Web Booster wants you to focus and thrive in the creative aspects of your WordPress website by allowing us to concentrate on your WordPress performance optimization.

10Web - Website speed optimization team  
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10web.io is a game-changer

By failtosucceedlife on September 23, 2023

My website was a mess until 10web.io stepped in. I can't thank them enough! Is your website acting slow or just not feeling right? 10web.io can help. They take care of the behind-the-scenes stuff and if you need a chat, their team is there. It's straightforward and easy. I tried it and it made a difference for me.

Amazing Plugin and great support

By assergal500 on September 18, 2023

I've been utilizing 10Web Booster Pro for some time now, and the performance improvements are simply astounding. I'm thrilled with the tool's capabilities, and the support team has consistently been a tremendous help, addressing all of my inquiries promptly and effectively.

Don't Buy Paid Plan! It's Scam!

By mayurindia on September 18, 2023

I have tried almost all the WordPress speed optimization and cache plugins available in the market, and based on my experience, this one is probably the worst. While the free trial version seems to work fine, the real problems start when you purchase the paid plan. During the trial, the options are quite limited, so you can't really tell how it will perform in the long run. This plugin has a lot of server compatibility issues and numerous bugs, especially considering it's still in a testing version.

When it comes to performance, there's nothing particularly unique about it. Other free WordPress speed optimization plugins can achieve similar results. Additionally, despite purchasing their premium plan for testing, many core features don't work as intended. I've been in touch with their premium support team for over a week now, and to my disbelief, they haven't been able to resolve the issue or provide a valid reason. Every day, they come up with a new excuse.

Another important point to note is that this plugin is relatively expensive compared to other speed optimization and cache plugins, and the most crucial aspect is that they don't offer refunds. It feels like a scam. I would strongly recommend purchasing any other plugin instead of this one. I'll be uploading a detailed review on YouTube very soon.

Great product

By buildsitero on September 18, 2023

Easy to use, great performance and really good client assistant service!

Excellent Experience with This plugin

By virtualkart on September 18, 2023

It has improved my website speed a lot and the most important thing it is very easy to integrate.

Extremely easy to deploy

By megatester on September 14, 2023

I have experimented with numerous web optimization plugins, and without a doubt, this one stands out as the best.

Moreover, their customer service is excellent.

Great Service

By patelafifa on September 13, 2023

I Asked them to Improve website mobile score for my site. And they help me completley and politley. And they improve it to 75 to 90 for mobile and 100 for destop. Which i found great.

Great Support Team

By biswassudip on September 12, 2023

I must say 10web has a amazing support team over chat. Their support agents have very good knowledge on the technicalities and the resolution steps. They are very prompt and always eager to help you.

I have interacted on two occasions with Mane Grigoryan and Yasin Abedi. Both of them were fantastic !!


By emirdemir27 on September 11, 2023

First of all, Meline, I am grateful to you and your team for helping me in every aspect. Also, this plugin is amazing. I recommend it to everyone.

Just Superb

By jaycode18 on September 10, 2023

Simple and efficient! It Works

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