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Used to Work/Terrible Customer Service

By lightraideracademy on December 13, 2021

A year ago, I would have given this product three stars for its pro version. Extremely limited functions for the cost, but it did the job. Not anymore. Now it is essentially an overpriced paperweight on our site. We grew, hired a webmaster team who updated all of our very old stuff, and guess what? Sumo stopped working. Removing and replacing the app only made things worse. Repeated messages to their tech support ignored the information we gave them. Instead they came back with canned solutions that did not work (code to directly install on the site). Refusing to admit the problem is on their end, they claimed the problems must have something to do with a plugin on ours, but the pros we hired streamlined our site so we have fewer plugins than before. When we asked them to think a little harder, they offered no other solutions and just wanted full control of our website. Not on your life. Their user interface doesn't even work fully on Firefox. We had to use Safari. If they can't make a functional UI across browsers, we're certainly not going to let them toy around with our site. When we told them this relationship wouldn't work anymore, they refused to prorate us the remainder of our subscription, citing a previous discount. Just for clarity, even with that discount, the service was grossly overpriced. We were trying to be nice and support another small business during COVID when we agreed to it. I guess that turned around and bit us. To sum up: Too expensive for limited functionality, even with our heavy discount. Doesn't work anymore now that we've updated and modernized our site. Terrible customer service. Do not use this app.

Just Bad

By miheui on October 3, 2021

First, this plugin is a hog. My site speed significantly decreased. Also, the plugin takes you to Sumo website, where it is sooooooo slow. I couldn't get anything done because it took so long to do. Second, it says "free," but it really is not. They give you virtually nothing for "free," and their pricing is so outrageous for the paid version. They could at least give you an intermediary price. (They also do NOT have my newsletter subscription service -- Revue -- which means an automatic dump.) I'm sick and tired of these scam plugin creators. I understand making a business, but this is just a scam.

They hacking your site!!You will not be able to uninstall popup from your site!

By jebacsumome on August 31, 2021

I was using Sumome plugin for years but from last month I can not login to sumo and remove the popup from my site. I can not remove this popup by unintall and delete summon plugin or find this data in data base (via php my admin) or by in files site via client ftp or in theme editor in WordPress. The support do not respond for your requests. I had to register to WordPress to give the this opinion (I think that opinions like my will be much more if the sending opinions for plugins in WordPress will be much easier to do). I can remove this opinion if you respond me how to remove the summon popup from my site. I can not connect the new accounting some to my site because I have information that I wrote wrong login or password even if it is correct or show information that I have not authorized e-mail but for this e-mail I did not get any e-mail from sumo. I have the newest version of WordPress. I looking for your answer. I lost days for trying to remove the sumo popup from my main site but I still can not- it hurt me.

Poorly programmed

By gmariani405 on December 4, 2020

Loads a sidebar in the admin screen that cannot be removed, and can't configure anything from within WordPress. Everything just takes you to sumo.com. Pretty sure the sidebar is there just to track activity on how their customers use WordPress. And as others have said, it's a hog in terms of code, if you can avoid this please do so.

Worst WordPress Plugin Ever Created

By Anthony ([email protected]) on November 14, 2020

The most garbage plugin on the internet. Nothing ever works right, the share counts are always broken, the password never works and overall it's a complete piece of garbage.

Most IllOGICAL Plugin On the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By JIGSAW on October 30, 2020

I have been using SUMO for years, and I can honestly tell you that it is the most illogical plugin ever created!!! I have been using it for years, and this morning I had to email customer support just to figure out how to manage the social media platforms I wanted displayed on my share buttons. That is a 5 second task that SHOULD NOT require any customer support aid what so ever. But the developers at SUMO DO NOT care about user experience. They show no consideration for efficiency, and have built an app that contains settings BUT YOU HAVE NO WAY OF ACCESSING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They now have this stupid dashboard that all it does it take you to sumo.com and show you visitor stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can not configure any part of this app any longer!!! Because apparently the developers who don't even provide a dashboard to settings now force you to use whatever settings, social media channels and subscription boxes they see fit!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more done with this stupid plugin if you paid me. I can't uninstall this fast enough. I have been using the free version for over 5 years and I promise you by end of business today I will be paying for whatever their competition is. I may even just go purchase convert kit and grow. TWO SUBSCRIPTION PLUGINS!!!! Imagine what that says right there. I am willing to go give 2 different developers I have no experience with my money over 1 developer I have multiple years experience with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE SUMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT EVEN COMPREHEND YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS!!!!!!!!!

Heavy code adds 440 kb to page

By mattgoddard on August 26, 2020

After install and activation (no configuration completed) the app had added just short of 440kb to my homepage and 21 external requests. So I immediately removed it again! I'd used it a long time ago and liked it but think I must've removed it back then for the same reason.

So much better options out there, slows down website

By slednib on August 11, 2020

You can't seem to be logged in via their /login link as my google chrome crashed every time I tried, it slowed down my website so much it hurts my SEO rankings. In all speed tests, I do horrible because of this plugin. I happily removed it from all my websites and used other, much better alternatives, to their slow and way too expensive service. Never again.

Time waster

By Binsaifullah (binsaifullah) on July 25, 2020

The connect button didn't work at all. Fuck the plugin. Just waste my 1 day.

Unclear, complicated, DOES NOT WORKD Beware

By adabob on May 7, 2020

Even there own main website is unclear what they offer, always pushing for your money. unpolished UNINSTALL causes ERRORS in your installation WP

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