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Stop Spammers Security | Block Spam Users, Comments, Forms

Robust WordPress security & spam prevention. Leverage our pre-defined allow/block lists. Adjust configurable security settings on hyphens, periods …
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Stop Spammers is a plugin that helps prevent spam emails, comments, registrations, and bots on your website. With over 50 configuration options, you can customize the plugin to meet your specific needs. The premium version offers even more features like server-level firewall protection and themed registration/login pages.


Stop Spam, Forever

Stop spam emails, comments, registrations, bots, and spammers with this well-maintained plugin. Get granular control and customize your spam protection with 50+ configuration options. Upgrade to Stop Spammers Premium for even more options.

Ultimate Spam Defense

Block suspicious behavior, spam words, disposable emails, URL shortener links, and more with Stop Spammers. Connect third-party spam defense services and block countries to enhance your website's security. Say goodbye to admin notices and enable members-only mode for added protection.

Premium Features for Extra Protection

Upgrade to Stop Spammers Premium for server-level firewall protection, themed registration/login pages, brute force login protection, and notification control. Import/export settings, export log to Excel, and restore default settings with ease. Also, enjoy Contact Form 7 protection and a built-in contact form for comprehensive spam defense.

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Poor Support

By Kevin Pirnie (kevp75) on May 11, 2023

Canning a response to contact you externally is no way to keep a plugin alive.

Hopefully more people realize this.

Very Good

By Mohammad (mohammad177) on December 3, 2022

It is a very good plugin that stops spam very well.


By q120000 on June 29, 2022

My website gets pounded a lot by SPAM in my forms and attempted logins, and Stop Spammers has worked perfectly for the last year. For instance, from my Dashboard, “Stop Spammers has prevented 93423 spammers from registering or leaving comments.” I’d say this plugin is AWESOME!

Creates ADs on your dashboard.

By mattwelland (mattinventive) on May 31, 2022

I do find it funny that a plugin which advertises to "Hide admin notices" advertises on your WP Admin asking for money/donations. Takes up around 245PX of the Dashboard until cleared too!

not very reliable

By lordsnake on January 6, 2022

I have this installed on several sites and have had various issues with it. it seems to block a lot of legit form submissions. When it does block a form submission, I often get the message saying it was blocked but still get the form submission as well. No way to actually accept the form submission that was blocked... just to add the person's IP address to an allow list or block them. This is only useful for blocking spammers, but completely pointless for dealing with false positive as if you didn't get the submission, that person isn't going to come back and re-submit the form.

Great for beginners!

By Torah (sundragon) on July 10, 2021

It comes with predefined settings for general uses. And customizable options are also great if advanced users want to prevent spam further.

Reliably helps to fight off spam

By w-sky on June 22, 2021

First, thank you very much! It works great in blocking all spam comments on my website. The developers provide very good support for problems or questions. By fine-tuning the number of false positives could be reduced to almost zero.

This really saved the day - Spam Registrations

By primated on May 27, 2021

I was getting so many Spam Registrations on a membership site that uses MemberMouse. I'd have to go in everyday and delete so many fake registrations. ReCaptcha didn't stop it, so many other plugins did nothing. This plugin, from the get-go stopped it dead in it's tracks. Thank You.

Locked me out of my website, didn't stop spam

By jessieldevine on April 14, 2021

I'm not sure why this didn't work for me. It locked me out of my website, which was super frustrating and I had to do a backend workaround to regain access that I think would be too advanced for most average users. Meanwhile, I was still receiving emails from wordpress about comments and registrations... that were all spam. Bryan (author of the plugin) was very awesome and helped me quickly, which is the reason I'm not giving it a 1-star. But as far as what the plugin does, not a fan.

Simply the Best

By laurel1234 on March 8, 2021

This is the only plugin that managed to block by country upon install. LOVE THIS PLUGIN! Noticed an immediate difference after setup as all the spam suddenly disappeared. Does exactly what it says and frankly, exceeded my expectations.

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