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SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Clean up WordPress website HTTPS insecure content
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Plugin Information

Clean up your WordPress website’s HTTPS insecure content and mixed content warnings. Installing the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin will solve most insecure content warnings with little or no effort. The remainder can be diagnosed with a few simple tools.

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Amazing, Great Work

By iamyawer on January 7, 2023

After since I upgraded my website to cloudflare ssl, i use tons of other plugins even tried to manually change http links to https , and in process i wasted whole day not to mention, website broke many times during this process
Eventually I found out this plugin when searching for "mixed content error fix in wordpress" and plugin was so intelligent it give me option for cloudflare ssl fix and now site is loading perfectly.

Just one radiobox option provided here saved 17+hours work!

Its like developers are heaven sent!
Great Job guys welldone!!!

Very Good Plugin

By azaanjobs on October 4, 2022

I was trying to solve mixed content from last 3 days, And when I used this plugin in few clicks problem solved. Loved it.

Takes care of insecure/mixed content Chrome warning

By sunk818 on July 26, 2022

Awesome plug-in. I had mixed content from a theme. Rather than editing the theme and disabling auto-updates, I installed this plug-in and it just worked. I'm very grateful such a plug-in exists.


By sob2 on July 14, 2022

I had a problem with the logo displaying, I was informed that it might be a ssl problem. I don't know what this plugin did, it goes over my head, but the problem is gone.

Fantastic Plugin !!!

By bobbycash on September 28, 2021

Thanks for creating this plugin :)

Worked More Than Perfect

By cmus1al on September 13, 2021

I really thought I missed a set-up step upon activating. Everything was fixed and all images were loading on first pass. Great Plugin!

broke my site

By pmccoy833 on August 17, 2021

after activating, my site is error 500. Deleting the plugin didn't fix it. Thanks for wrecking my business.

This Plugin Does EXACTLY as it says - GREAT WORK!

By WP Fix It - 24/7 WordPress Support (wpfixit) on March 1, 2021

This plugin is very helpful in making sure that a WordPress site will load fully in HTTPS.


By azlanshah on March 1, 2021

Fix my problem like a charm! Thank you.

Good job! Give it a 190/100

By prokodingkid on November 25, 2020

Hello, I had a serious issue, where my site had a not secure warning even though SSL cert was installed. I thought installing plugins wouldn't fix this issue and they would just worsen it, but THIS PLUGIN is a huge exception! I waited for only 2 days, the issue was finally fixed! I can definitely tell that this plugin is magical and the creator of this plugin is truly talented at programming. So I'd definitely give it a 190/100!

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