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Spotlight Social Feeds [Block, Shortcode, and Widget]

Instagram feeds made easy. Responsive, customizable, accessible, and SEO-friendly out of the box. Includes Instagram blocks & oEmbed support.
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Spotlight is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily embed Instagram feeds on your website. You can choose from pre-designed templates or customize your own, and connect multiple Instagram accounts to display feeds from. The plugin has both free and premium features, and it has been highly recommended by experts and received positive reviews from users.


Embed Instagram feeds

Display beautifully designed Instagram feeds on your website with customizable galleries that adapt to your theme's design and fonts.

Connect unlimited accounts

Connect and display feeds from unlimited Instagram accounts across your website, combining photos, videos, reels, and gallery posts.

Boost social engagement

Increase social engagement and grow your Instagram following with a "Follow on Instagram" button directly within your website's Instagram feed.

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Nice design - Super support service :)

By mationo on July 28, 2023

Really nice plugin, nice design !
Jessie and Hendra helped me to find the solutions of display feeds problem with my server memory check and many other tricks !
Thanks a lot :)

Digging it

By rochelleweiner on July 10, 2023

Digging this app - easy to load, connect and design. And when I ran into a hiccup the team was super responsive in helping me fix the issue quickly and easily. Five stars! :D

Happy for Life

By argiro.s on July 4, 2023

Easy to use. Nice interface. Good support. It does exactly what it says.

Doesn't work with videos for me

By Cheets_UK on July 3, 2023

Just installed free version, it doesn't work with videos, it wont play the video on the website page (embedded) and doesn't link anywhere either, like to the video on Instagram, only displays the thumb. Tested on 3 browsers with all local and server caches cleared. Wasted my time on this.

Free business account is required?

By tommcgee on June 21, 2023

Second time this has happened, my instagram account got disconnected and in place of each image I have a notice that a free business account is required, etc. etc.

This would be more manageable if the instructions you give for navigating through Facebook to set one up were correct.

It's too much of a bother if other plugins do the job.

Good plugin and good support

By boygecko on May 30, 2023

Good plugin and good support

Perfect plugin, great support

By hamrakdavid on May 29, 2023

The plugin works perfectly for a few months, maybe even years from the time I installed it, and it runs perfectly and smoothly. Once Instagram changed the API silently, the support fixed the issue in one day, which is so unusual this time.

Great plugin, great support

By pfholm on May 8, 2023

The plugin is easy to use and manage. We are used to that.

The big difference is, that if you encounter challenges (or problems), the support team really helps you and solves the problem

Very good pugin

By Philippe (wp207) on February 25, 2023

and very nicely displayed on screens !

spotlight support

By arby1kenobi on January 18, 2023

i found spotlight support, top notch, i had a css problem and jessie helped me find a fix within hours of me creating the ticket...

great plugin, great support... thanks

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