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Grow Social

The best social sharing plugin for your WordPress website and the only social sharing plugin you will ever need.
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The Best Looking Social Sharing Buttons

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nice plugin, responsive support

By typeless (jbalyo) on December 2, 2020

Plugin works great, and in the rare cases where there are issues, support is on task and very helpful!


By The Endless Meal on July 14, 2020

Their latest update, which caused errors in rich snippets, caused all our recipe star ratings to vanish from Google. The error cost us thousands in lost revenue as it took days for them to show up again on Google after removing the Grow plugin. Be very leery of using this plugin!

Slows down website from 96 to 88/100

By radojica on May 6, 2020

Unlike other social sharing plugins, Grow by Mediavine will not slow down your website.
After I installed plugin my page speed dropped down from 96 to 88. Scripts and styles are loaded on all pages and not just on posts.

Poor move to prioritize plugin so highly in menu

By johnmontfx on January 9, 2020

I was looking for a lightweight plugin for social shares, but this one turned me off by placing itself so highly at the top of the menu structure by default. Even though it works decently, looks like I'll remove it (and switch this to one star). It basically is set to put itself right below Posts, which is ridiculous in the structure of its importance. Also, the name "Grow" in the menu is a great example of how not to name your product -- Social Pug was way better and obvious. I understand I can change it but it seems like the company and developers are taking themselves too seriously.

Parfait !

By kultureweb on December 12, 2019

Après avoir testé 4 ou 5 extensions de partage de contenu sur les réseaux sociaux (les mieux notées !), je dois dire que celle-ci est de loin la plus simple et efficace ! PS : c'est ma toute première review mais une telle qualité de plugin ne méritait pas autre chose qu'un avis 5/5 :).


By Mehadi Hasan Juber (mehadihasan01) on October 27, 2019

Perfect features.

It's great for domain changes and everything!

By natethenomad on September 23, 2019

I re-designed my website and changed the domain. While doing this, I also switched my social plugin and got this one. I could recover the social share counts from the old URL. It saved me from a lot of headache with the "new start"! Also, the plugin is working very well in all other aspects. Totally recommend it!

Great plugin

By crnopile on September 12, 2019


Beware: Does Not Deliver Promised Pro Feature!

By tonyamoore on September 10, 2019

The share and follow buttons are wonderful and I like the additional pro options. Having said that, though, I bought the Pro Version specifically BECAUSE the sales page claims the plugin has a wonderful "Click to Tweet" feature. Cannot even begin to express my anger and disappointment at discovering AFTER buying that it DOES NOT WORK with Gutenberg. My biggest Pet Peeve with apps these days is dishonest devs and I really do feel like I've been swindled again. If your product doesn't work with one of the CMS platform's MAIN features, you should feel duty bound to make that explicitly clear to prospective buyers/subscribers.

Lean (no bloat) social sharing plugin

By Antony Agnel (itzmeanto) on August 22, 2019

Previously I had been using Social Warfare free plugin on my site and it worked like charm. But after I learned that it had a vulnerability at that time (which is now fixed), I moved on to Genesis Simple Share. But it didn't look too good on my site. I explored many other options which could look as good as Social Warfare with no bloat but unfortunately couldn't find any. Finally, heard about Social Pug (not sure from where but I just remembered it) and decided to give it a go. Damn, it's the perfect replacement I was looking for. Thanks for this wonderful plugin! :D

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