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SiteGuard WP Plugin

SiteGurad WP Plugin is the plugin specialized for the protection against the attack to the management page and login.
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Plugin Information

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By tsutlnps149 on February 6, 2021

管理ページアクセス制限を有効にすると、サイトヘルスで「サイトでループバックリクエストが完了できませんでした」という文字が出るが、この問題、site-health.phpを除外設定にしてもなお出続ける。 制限をOFFにすると、出なくなる。 バージョン「1.5.1」でのアップデートで、この問題は解決したようです。ありがとうございました。

Multisite is not supported

By T. Sagawa (tscontenna) on September 15, 2020

Nothing work in multi-site mode.

Good Support

By lw53 on August 31, 2020

All the features I require with easy to follow instructions of how to correctly set-up.

Very effective tool

By vaclavek on June 7, 2020

Very effective tool with simple and flexible interface.


By kuzrwkd on December 12, 2018

ワードプレスのデフォルトの仕様だと思いますが、/wp-admin/にアクセスするとプラグインで変更したログイン画面のurlヘリダイレクトされてしまいますのでこちらの改善もお願いいたします。 例) example.co.jp/wp-admin ↓ リダイレクト example.co.jp/プラグインで設定したログイン画面のURL文字列 個人的には下記のコードで対処しています。

add_action('init', 'remove_default_redirect');
add_filter('auth_redirect_scheme', 'stop_redirect', 9999);

function stop_redirect($scheme)
    if ( $user_id = wp_validate_auth_cookie( '',  $scheme) ) {
        return $scheme;

    global $wp_query;
    get_template_part( 404 );

Great tool, simple yet powerful.

By unostar on October 29, 2017

Like the simplicity and efficiency of the plugin. One thing I would really like to change is CAPTCHA. C'mon guys, haven't you seen Google's reCAPTCHA? It's way much better, imo.


By Tomo (tomoygt6) on September 29, 2017



By jdash2000 on July 9, 2017



By Makoto Tezuka on September 3, 2016



Warning, 'Rename Login Feature' is not secure, very easy to get around

By m6xkr on September 3, 2016

For the most part this is a nice plugin, I installed it because I was getting hundreds of strange access requests per hour from all over the world. While most are clearly automated and in all probability harmless, I thought this plugin would provide a layer of protection. After only a day of use I have found out that your "renamed" login can instantly be revealed to anyone who adds a simple string of characters at the end of your domain name. ...A bit disappointing, however I suppose most people may not find this loophole?

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