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Site Reviews

Site Reviews is a complete review management solution for your website that is designed to work in a similar way to Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp.
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Site Reviews is a review management solution for your website that works similarly to popular review platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. It offers a wide range of features, such as pinning best reviews, marking reviews as verified, requiring approval before publishing, and more. The plugin is actively developed, supported, and provides extensive documentation.

Paul Ryley  

Powerful Review Management

Take control of your website's reviews with Site Reviews, the complete solution for managing and displaying customer feedback.

Enhanced User Engagement

Engage your visitors and boost credibility with Site Reviews, the plugin that allows you to showcase your best reviews, respond to feedback, and require verification before publishing.

Seamless Integration

Site Reviews seamlessly integrates with popular plugins and platforms, including Elementor, WooCommerce, and WPML, making it easy to incorporate customer reviews into your website.

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looks very good but approval system doesnt work

By Goldmaster (goldmaster) on October 1, 2023

Good add-on and looks nice on the website. But when reviews show up, and you click approve, nothing happens. Just get a loading icon.

Great plugin.

By Mussab (mussabprosouls) on September 18, 2023

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Nice one

By Dan Nita on September 12, 2023

It's a nice plugin. Took me a few minutes to get used to it but it is working as expected. The avatar doesn't seem to be working as I need because all avatars are the same even if I manually set avatar image to the review, but not much of an issue there. I have a community platform and the Assign User should of "populate" the avatar email and username fields but it doesn't .
Overall, a better plugin than the one I previously used.

PS: flexibility of the shortcodes... simply wonderful.

Great Plugin

By Mwesh4 on September 4, 2023


THE BEST testimonial plugin!

By jeanedwa on September 4, 2023

I've tried so many- and this one just has to be THE BEST. Great layouts, easy to customise... and it's FREE!!

Excellence and Reliability

By Andre (picturebreeze) on August 30, 2023

We've been using the site review plugin for several years. This is a product with nice features, easy to manage, and very reliable. I can't remember a single issue within our years of usage. Apparently the developer does an excellent job. Thank you very much.

The one and only plugin you'll need

By Cosmin T. (cosmindan22) on August 28, 2023

By far the best reviews plugin out there with great support for Elementor and shortcodes. Keep up the good work!

Outstanding functionality and outstanding support

By mikeybayer on August 28, 2023

I tried so many other review plugins and they were either a) way over-engineered for developers, or b) way too simplistic with limited functionality. This one hits right in the middle. It takes a little bit of playing around to get comfortable, but it's extremely powerful and flexible. Get the paid version if you want even more flexibility in terms of the look and feel of everything. It's turbo-blasted my film review website. And just as excellent is the support. The response to my requests has been world-class, at times even immediate. Very impressive, and highly recommended.

Absolutely useless

By ntrepidgamer on August 6, 2023

there is no use using this to build your website. you create a page, you can never see that page again. can't build anything without plugins and those plugins don't work so, don't get it

no response from support

By puravida1 on July 28, 2023

use the forum for support if needed. great response time!

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