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Simply Static

Create a static website directly from your WordPress website with Simply Static.
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Simply Static is a static site generator that converts your existing WordPress website to a static website that you can host on your server, a static hosting provider, or a CDN.

Patrick Posner  
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Nice design & it works

By backfolder on September 25, 2023

Sadly didn't work for me trying to convert a simple one-page wordpress site, without post or feeds. Design and interface is nice anyway.

EDIT: In another website it works very well but take a long time so I change my rating : ) Thanks dev.

Worked perfectly

By Waseem Senjer (waseem_senjer) on September 12, 2023

Thanks to this plugin, I have saved myself lots of time. Instead of converting my WordPress theme to one of the static site generators (Gatsby, Hugo ..etc), this plugin just did exactly the same but also I kept the powerful editing experience of WordPress. Thanks for making this.

A must have plugin for busy people

By cherokeehouse on August 18, 2023

Great plugin, great support.

I don't have time to fuss with constant WP/plugin updates. Static makes my website fast, secure, and looking great. Now, updating my website is on my terms and my schedule.

This is a must plugin for a 1 person business!

Minor hiccup, but worked in the end. Nice.

By gif1 on August 4, 2023

Couldn't get it to work initially. Tried the reset option and that seemed to do the job. Once it did work, it's was great.

A must for sites that don't need to be dynamic.

By Jamie (digitalchild) on July 21, 2023

I've been a happy user for quite a while now. It does what you expect, generates a nice static site that I can upload to cheap static hosting.

I upgraded to pro as I like the automatic publishing options via GitHub, which saves me a few minutes from manually uploading it to my host.

Support responses have been fast and top-notch. Thanks to Patrick for building a great tool.

Excelent Performance

By claudiofromchile on July 5, 2023

It did a great job on my site. I needed a HTML copy of a wordpress site to be install in a different domain. It did exactly what i needed, thanks!

Speed up loading time and secure

By IdeFixx (idefixx) on May 4, 2023

What a great plugin for a WP website. I'm amazed by what can be achieved for speed loading time and also on a security level, well, with a hidden live WP through HTTP authentification.

it does not work well

By ciriman on April 24, 2023

the extracted site does not work correctly, the page is not paginated correctly and the images are missing.

Good job!

By gnagna72 on April 21, 2023

I tried other plugin wp2static (many bugs). But Simply Static is working 100%. Thank!

Fabulous and marvellous!

By jasminechristina on April 7, 2023

The plugin works so beautifully and produces a perfect local browsable (or transferable) replication of a wordpress site in static html.

To note I initially did experience an issue with retrieving and displaying images, but the dev helped me resolve the issue, which in my case was due to lazy loading being turned on in the EWWW plugin.

A highly recommended plug in beautifully scripted by a very skilled dev.

Thank you dev :D

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