Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery

Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery

Two in One. Gutenberg gallery blocks (Masonry, Justified, Slider, Carousel, Grid) and highly customizable lightbox.
Active Installations:
Last Updated:
Apr 29, 2024
WordPress Version:
5.8.0 or higher
Tested up to:

Responsive Gallery Plugin

Create stunning image, video, and audio galleries with advanced options.

Combine Galleries Easily

Merge multiple galleries into one collection for a faster and more informative page.

Customizable Lightbox

Display linked images from posts or pages in a highly customizable lightbox.

Intuitive Drag and Drop

Build galleries with ease using the unrivaled drag and drop experience in Gutenberg.


  • Fixed: a problem with the poster editor (impossibility to delete) in Items Manager
  • Updated: Twitter icon to X
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.7.2)
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: bug with displaying Media Library Assistant categories and tags
  • Updated: system for loading the list of FileBird folders
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.6.2)
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes


  • Added: gallery status to the “SimpLy Saved Gallery” block
  • Added: gallery status to the “SimpLy Gallery” dashboard widget
  • Fixed: shortcode rendering for unpublished galleries
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.6.1)


  • Added: support for YouTube Shorts
  • Fixed: AlbumNavigator – error displaying some galleries


  • Added: mode for automatically loading pages after the first click of the “Load More” button Live DEMO
  • Update: Freemius SDK
  • Fixed: Albums and AlbumNavigator – error displaying some galleries


  • Update: Freemius SDK


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.10).
  • Fix: Security fix.


  • Update: Freemius SDK
  • Added: Gallery Settings -> ‘Apply Global Preset’
  • Optimized: Gallery Settings -> ‘Use Global Preset’


  • Update: Freemius SDK
  • Added: support for publishing folders from Vimeo
  • Fixed: management of dynamic galleries
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes


  • Update: Freemius SDK
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes (video)


  • Update: Freemius SDK


  • Added: the ability to create a poster for a self-hosted video (.mp4). Just select a frame and set it as a featured image for your video.
  • Fixed: SimpLy Viewer – item description
  • Fixed: playlist icon in YouTube player


  • Update: Freemius SDK
  • Update: for posters on video and audio files, only the Featured Image will be used.
  • Added: Clean Style for Viewer
  • Fixed: issue with download button (Viewer Block)
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes (Vimeo Cattegories)


  • Added: New block with Slider – Viewer
  • Fixed: security vulnerability fixed – improved permission check for different user types for Ajax requests. With the assistance of Erwan Le Russo (Security Research Engineer, WPScan / Jetpack / Automattic)
  • Fixed: issue with lightboxes in Classic Editor
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes (Vimeo)


  • Update: Freemius SDK (2.5.3)


  • Added: multiselect option for Att. Cattegory and Att. Tag (Media Library Assistant). (* PRO version).
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: random sorting mode for dynamic galleries (Att. Cattegory, Att. Tag, FileBird Media Folders and SimpLy Tags)
  • Fixed: sorting system for Vimeo collections (as far as Vimeo API allows). The sequence of video clips must match the source on the Vimeo service.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Updated: poster display method for audio files (MP3)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Update: Freemius SDK
  • Fixed: Showcase Gallery Block – Next / Previous Buttons
  • Upgrade: Zoom mode changed in Lightbox
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added the ability to activate comments on gallery posts
  • Fixed: Lightbox description
  • Tried to fix the problem in Jetpack – Enable Lazy Loading for images
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: issue with Share and Download buttons
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Updated: block data optimization
  • Added: dynamic mode for galleries – automatically update descriptions and tags for gallery items. Disabled by default. (* PLUS version).
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: ability to create dynamic gallery for selected SimpLy tags (* PRO version).
  • Fixed: HTML validity errors


  • Added: new Showcase Gallery Block (* PLUS version)
  • Added: mode to play the entire YouTube playlist (* PLUS version).
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: Responsiveness improvement. Grid, Masonry, Justified, Slider, Portfolio, Portfolio2 Blocks
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: SimpLy Gallery permalinks. Settings -> Permalink Settings
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: Freemius – Security fix


  • Added: Block and Preset Selector for Album shortcode.
  • Added: Preset editor for Albums and AlbumNavigator blocks (* PLUS version).
  • Added: Mode – Display Image in original Size in Lightbox (* PLUS version).
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: New Album Mavigation Block (* PLUS version)
  • Fixed: Lightbox for Native Gallery Block and Native Image Block
  • Fixed: Major bug fixes


  • Added: ability to publish Woocommerce Product List, Cattegory or Tag (* PRO version)
  • Fixed: MLA Cattegories, Tags and FileBird Folders – convert to staic mode (import content)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: ability to publish Vimeo Showcase / Album, User Uploads, Channel, Category (* PRO version)
  • Added: Paged Mode – “Show more” for Grid, Masonry, Justified, Portfolio and Portfolio2 Blocks (* PLUS version)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: Justified Block and Grid Block layouts (Gallery without background)
  • Fixed: Diamond Block – YouTube playlist


  • Added: New Diamond Gallery Block (* PLUS version)
  • Fixed: Performance improvement
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: New Accordion Gallery Block (* PLUS version)
  • Added: New display mode (Fit) for images in the Slider Block (* PLUS version)
  • Fixed: Errors in the block settings panel in the site customization mode (Customize)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: Improved block transformation mode
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: Items Manager – Bulk Select. It is now possible to easily add (remove) a tag to a group of items. And quick removal of a group of elements from the gallery is available
  • Fixed: Removed preloading for videos that have a poster


  • Fixed: improved Blocks compatibility with iOS 11.3 – 13.3


  • Fixed: Albums Block – Gallery Preloader
  • Fixed: Slider/Carousel Block – some CSS styles
  • Added: New Editor for Tags Filter – Premium Blocks
  • Added: DeepLinking for Tags Filter – Premium Blocks
  • Added: Ability to disable the “All” button in the Tags Filter – Premium Blocks
  • Updated: Plugin Core – Performance improvement


  • Fixed: Albums Lightbox Settings – Caption source
  • Fixed: All JavaScripts that the user added to the image caption, description and title will be filtered and, if the user has no rights, will be blocked. At the request of Vishnupriya Ilango of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs ( CVE-2021-24667 ).


  • Added: Albums Block
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: SimpLy Gallery Custom Post – blocking third-party blocks
  • Fixed: Lightbox for Native WordPress Gallery – erroneous actuation
  • Fixed: Performance improvement


  • Fixed: conflict with Jetpack


  • Fixed: Performance improvement
  • Fixed: Global Preset Priority Render
  • Added: Horizon Gallery Block (* PLUS version)


  • Fixed: Performance improvement


  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
  • Added: Split Carousel Block (* PLUS version)


  • Fixed: saving custom link with parameters
  • Fixed: transitions between blocks


  • Added: source manager (item link or post) to share the item (Share Bar Settings)
  • Added: dynamic gallery displays YouTube Playlist (* PRO version)


  • Added: Gallery Items Click Action – Attachment Page
  • Fixed: Random ordering
  • Fixed: Minor bugs


  • Added: dynamic gallery by Media Library Assistant categories, tags (* PRO version)
  • Added: dynamic gallery displays FileBird folder (* PRO version)
  • Fixed: block styles


  • Added: Elementor Widget for Saved SimpLy Gallery
  • Added: Dashboart Widget


  • Updated: SEO Optimization
  • Added: SimpLy CPT and Shortcode
  • Added: SimpLy Gallery Widget
  • Added: Block for SimpLy CPT
  • Added: Storage mode for gallery. The SimpLy gallery will be available (in a simplified style) to visitors after deactivating the plugin or removing the block used
  • Updated: Save Method – no longer need additional publishing permissions for Editors (and other roles) in Multisite (WordPress MU)
  • For galleries created in earlier versions of the plugin, an update (Reload Button) and re-save procedure is required (Update Page / Pos).


  • Added: Custom CSS Editor for gallery blocks
  • Added: Support for Featured Images for videos (Media Library)
  • Added: Premium List Block


  • Added: Capabilities editor for Admin and Editor Roles – Multisite (WordPress MU)
  • Fixed: WPML
  • Fixed: Portfolio & Portfolio2 Blocks Tags Filter


  • Fixed: RTL support for Lightbox
  • Added: Premium TagsBox Block – Covers Gallery


  • Fixed: SimpLy Slider – low quality video poster
  • Fixed: SimpLy Grid – low quality video poster
  • Added: Hidden Mode
  • Added: Premium Portfolio2 Block


  • Added: Filters (by Tags)
  • Added: Tags for Items
  • Added: Premium Portfolio Block
  • Fixed: Slider error on touch device
  • Fixed: bug Lightbox for WP Native Image


  • Optimization: Slider Slideshow speed
  • Fixed: bug Lightbox for WP Native Image


  • Added: New Block – Slider / Carousel Gallery
  • Fixed: bug Lightbox for native gallery with some buttons/links


  • Fixed: Resolved conflict with plugins Smush and Jetpack – Lazy Load system


  • Added: Youtube and Vimeo video gallery support
  • Added: Lightbox for native gallery for Archive Page (Categoty Page)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: compatible with Yoast SEO Plugin – Images in the XML sitemap. Need reload SimpLy gallery data and update Post/Page
  • Fixed: Poster (Video and Audio) Error with small images


  • Added: Now you can add poster for Video and Audio elements
  • Added: Export / Import gallery content
  • Added: Random sorting for gallery (frontend)
  • Fixed: Conflict with native Image block
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Optimization: performance improvement – Go to Block Sidebar -> Items Manager -> Reload Gallery and Update Post/Page
  • Added: Now you can attach an additional link to an element
  • Added: Ability to disable lazy loading mode
  • Added: Gallery without background mode (Block without padding)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: HTML Tags in the caption
  • minor fix


  • Big changes – Major Udate!
  • Added: Supports Video MP4 and Audio MP3
  • Added: Gallery sorting by Uploaded date, Title, Caption or Custom
  • Added: Caption source – Caption, Title, Alt
  • Added: Thumbnail Caption Position (Top / Bottom)
  • Added: Option – disable Lightbox for a specific gallery
  • Added: Caption source for Lightbox – Caption, Title, Alt


  • Fixed: plugin conflict – removing featured image of a Woocommerce product


  • Fixed: Lightbox Plugin conflict with custom posts


  • Fixed: removed duplicate button (Settings) on Plugins page


  • Fixed: Error on page 404


  • Added: Lightbox for native WordPress Gallery (Gutenberg/Classic Editor)
  • Added: Gutenberg Sidebar plugin for lightbox control.
  • Added: Settings Page for Clobal Lightbox Pressets
  • Added: Settings Page for Blocks Pressets


  • Fixed: “Scroll down the page for the item you viewed” – smooth scroll theme compatibility
  • Fixed: input fields in the ColorPickers
  • Added: “Space between thumbnails” – increased limit to 40px
  • Added: Justified Thumbnail Size – XXL size (Height 450px +)
  • Added: partial support for HTML tags in pictures captions


  • Fixed: Corrected the proportions of thumbnails when upload images directly into the gallery block


  • Added: Global Preset – You modify the Global Preset to change all the galleries associated with this preset (automatically)
  • Added: For Masonry and Grid new settings – Colums, Min. Thumbnails with (Mobile Device)
  • Added: For Justified new option – Last Row Mode
  • Added: For Lightbox new transition moode – Fading/Slipping
  • Added: Thumbnails – native lazy loading
  • Changed: Data structure


  • Fixed: Lightbox – Caption on Mobile Device
  • Fixed: Thumbnails – Caption on Touch Device


  • Fixed: Lightbox Settings and some bugs
  • Added: Show image caption in Lightbox (this option will be disabled by default)
  • Added: Option – Prevent downloading in Lightbox (this option will be enabled by default)


  • Fixed: Lightbox Settings – Copyright Alert


  • Fixed: JavaScript issues with Grid and Justified Editors
  • Fixed: CSS Grid and Justified Blocks


  • Fixed: minor JavaScript issues with Blocks Editor
  • Added: HTML5 Browser History support (deep linking)
  • Added: Lightbox – mouse wheel navigation mode
  • Added: auto scroll gallery (follow the one viewed in Lightbox)


  • Initial release on Enjoy!

Best of

By COTA ( on April 12, 2024

The most balanced and wonderful way to manage your photos!

Best AND easy to use gallery

By hfvienna on November 20, 2023

Really a great plugin , and very easy to understand the settings. Will stop using the non support plugin of layer slider , Simply is better

Best plugin there is

By toashbhat on September 21, 2023


The free version has pretty much everything you need, GalleryCreator is very active and helpful in the forums and overall everything is just great.

Having a portfolio website, gallery plugin is at the heart of my site and I couldn't have asked for anything better :-)

Great plugin

By peterhann on September 15, 2023

This gallery plugin is simply the best. The drag and drop interface makes building galleries intuitive and easy.

Not what it's cracked up to be...

By qwik3r on July 13, 2023

Not sure where all these 4 star reviews are coming from...

  1. 95% of the options are for the PRO version which is incredibly annoying, you can barely adjust anything and when you try to do you're hit with the limitation
  2. For some odd reason the plugin added it's own version of my image appending -1024x684.jpg to it and somehow making it 3x as large in file size than the one that was originally uploaded even though the dimensions of the original are BIGGER.
  3. No way to adjust the thumbnail sizes for the gallery making the thumbnails smaller in dimension or file size, instead it loads the full sized version and crops/zooms in to create the thumbnail (obviously the plugin dev does not care about performance and best practices).

Fantastic <3

By tonhermans on June 3, 2023

I am an old former photographer, worked as a Apple system admin, and i build websites. Sometimes i am surprised how beautiful a plugin can be, tis gallery is perfect as it can be!
Thank you developer!!! (GalleryCreator)

Ton Hermans

Developer Great to Work With

By kalynbrooke on April 23, 2023

We love the simplicity of this plugin! The developer helped us every step of the way to make sure we were satisfied with the end result.

Amazing gallery!

By carlosvai on December 30, 2022

I needed a gallery easy to set up, right inside the post as a block. The idea of creating a galley that you have to manually place with a shortcode is nonsense to me. This gallery works perfectly out of the box, and with many features!
I love the fact that you can drag pics and videos at the same time.

Thank a lot for the work!

Best Gallery/Lightbox Plugin

By riomurphy on December 7, 2022

Great plugin and great support. Thank you!

Simple and useful product!

By thedarkeel on November 5, 2022

This is the best tool I have ever used to manage my media on WordPress! Very happy to have paid for it!
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