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TaxoPress is the WordPress Tag, Category, and Taxonomy Manager

TaxoPress enables you to manage Tags, Categories and all your WordPress taxonomy terms.
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TaxoPress is a WordPress plugin that helps you manage and organize your tags, categories, and other taxonomy terms. It offers features like automatic term suggestions, related posts, and customizable term displays. There is also a Pro version available with additional features and expert support.


Simplify Content Organization

TaxoPress allows you to easily manage and organize all your WordPress taxonomy terms, including Tags and Categories. With TaxoPress, you can add, rename, remove, delete, and even merge terms. You can also assign any term or taxonomy to any post type, making it simple to structure and categorize your content.

Boost SEO with Automatic Term Management

TaxoPress can improve your website's SEO by automatically suggesting relevant terms for your content and linking those terms to the correct archive pages. This helps search engines understand the context of your content and can lead to higher rankings in search results.

Enhance Content Showcase

With TaxoPress, you can use your terms for advanced features such as Related Posts and Tag Clouds. This allows you to showcase related content to your visitors, increasing engagement and providing a better user experience. Additionally, TaxoPress offers customizable displays of terms, giving you full control over how your content is presented.

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Good Tool

By bk01307 on September 20, 2023

You can organize the terms very easily with it.
However, since the last update there is a problem with "merge terms". Instead of merging, these terms are deleted. I use the basic version.

Excellent Plugin Very Useful

By charlesnorton on September 16, 2023

If you are using posts and building dynamic pages - Taxopress extends the options which are available in WordPress I would not be surprised going forward if I do not use this on most of my larger websites.

Great site

By bennah on September 14, 2023

Great site

Very useful and intuitive plugin

By (christophe971) on August 19, 2023

Management of terms made easy!

One of the most helpful plugins I've ever used!

By azlivin008 on August 15, 2023

Thank you so much for Taxopress! I struggled with ACF for years, and it was just overkill for what I needed. This plugin is so easy to use and integrates with my theme so well - I can't believe how great it worked for me. Thank you developers for making this available to the community. :-)


By Simon Barnett (simbasounds) on August 13, 2023

I use TaxoPress for the Auto Term feature: find words or phrases in the content that match existing taxonomy terms, and set those posts to those terms. Works perfectly.

I have been using this plugin. Very good plugin indeed.

By janardhan (janardhanjp) on August 9, 2023

I have been using this plugin. Very good plugin indeed.

Caused Even More Work

By chiefllama on August 1, 2023

It merged the posts into the selected category but then added them all into the default category as well. So now I have to go in and remove the default category on every single post in the blog instead of just editing the posts from the merging categories like I could have done without this plugin.

Flexible useful plugin

By navajamm on July 31, 2023

Brought a lot of flexibility to our site, with regard to taxonomies management. I like that it is quick and intuitive.

Great plugin

By zbrainsoft on July 29, 2023

It helps a lot with our pages taxonomy. Thanks

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