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Simple Share Buttons Adder

A simple plugin that enables you to add share buttons to all of your posts and/or pages.
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The Simple Share Buttons Adder does exactly what it says – adds share buttons to all of your posts and pages, simply.

Simple Share Buttons  
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mission social networks

By Tim Embler (nonparity) on June 2, 2023

This plugin appears to work okay. However, it is missing several social networks, such as Mastodon, which make this unusable.

Nice widget

By katrinleppik on May 22, 2023

Works fine :)

Simple and effective

By ericbrooksdotcom on March 21, 2023

It doesn't require a complicated setup. Exactly what I need to share on my site.

Plugin causes overload server's memory because of infinity loop.

By dhhuy0704 on January 19, 2023

I installed this plugin at old version 8.4.0. Since, I run update for newest version 8.4.4, it runs infinity loop inside and causes my hosting overload the memory.

Developer should take proper test before release.

508 Loop Error

By Scottjb9276 (scottjb9276) on January 11, 2023

This plugin caused a 508 Loop error when activated on a blog.

This caused severe server resource usage and caused the site to go down.
This is NOT acceptable, and many web hosts are preparing to suspend sites for using this plugin. It needs to be removed due to this issue as well as shady coding. I run a web host, as well as work with a major web host, and we have decided that any client using this plugin will be suspended, due to the looping issue causing severe resource usage. This is something that will be shared with other major web hosts.

great flexible plugin, good communication

By NightL on December 16, 2022

Great clean result. Flexible styles. Prompt and courteous response in Support. While this should be a given it is too frequently not the case for other developers.


By fishnyc22 on December 9, 2022

My client had major issues with our site using heavy server resources. Their host was threatening to shut their site down. They reached out to me to help debug. Whenever someone went to a blog page they had dozens of internal calls firing that were undetectable with our log files. No hints of where they were coming from but coming from the server itself. Those blog pages were loading slower than any other pages. Spent time disabling and enabling plugins to figure out that this plugin was the cause. Hours and hours spent debugging. As soon as this plugin was disabled all the issues went away. My clients blog pages were the only pages with these share buttons on it. Sketchy code and based on other reviews sketchy practices. Do not use this plugin


By johnroyer on November 22, 2022

very easy to setup and use.

Since update

By stevebethere2 on November 21, 2022

No longer works properly after latest update

No Instagram. No Youtube

By Francisco T. Arquer (Francisco Arquer Thome) on November 3, 2022

There is no instagram nor youtube buttons.

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