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Simple Local Avatars

Adds an avatar upload field to user profiles. Generates requested sizes on demand just like Gravatar!
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Adds an avatar upload field to user profiles if the current user has media permissions. Generates requested sizes on demand just like Gravatar! Simple and lightweight.

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Activating the plugin gives Elementor problems

By fppmarketing (flamingopetproducts) on August 29, 2023

When I activate this plugin, I can't add an image anymore in Elementor Pro which is a big problem. I get some errors on the console log related to the "media-audiovideo.min.js". The errors seem to indicate that there's an issue with trying to access the 'id' property of an object that is undefined. It usually happens when there are conflicts with other JavaScript codes.


By osaopaulo on August 20, 2023

This should be in core! Such a simple action that this plugin does superbly!

Simple solution to a common problem

By Greg Mount (gregmount) on June 17, 2023

Ever try explaining Gravatars to a non-technical client? Good luck with that. This plugin gives us an easy way to add user profile avatars for our clients without them ever having to know a gravatar from a platypus.

Does what it says and supports REST API

By rockiger on March 3, 2023

The support of the WordPress REST API is a lifesaver for me. Simple Local Avatars is the only avatar plugin I know of that supports the REST API.

I used it in my React with WordPress Tutorial. Without it, the whole Tutorial wouldn't have worked.

Really just awesome plugin

By asifulmamun on August 28, 2022

Thanks for this plugin, it has been solve my problem with single installation.

Solves real-world user profile issue

By bikerbudmatt on July 2, 2022

While I support the principles behind Gravatars, my real-world experience is this: (1) I need different avatars of myself on different sites where I have professional or personal roles; (2) therefore a single universal Gravatar does not work for me, and I'm not going to set up different Gravatar accounts for different sites because, hey, c'mon; (3) for a low volume site with a number of known contributors, Gravatars add an extra layer of external complexity. The "Simple Local Avatar" plug-in works for me, and addresses my pain points in a helpful way that is consistent with the way Gravatars work. The developer is going out of his way to make sure that a site with this plug-in will still accept and use Gravatars, but adds the common-sense capability for a user to upload their own Avatar photo. Dirt-simple and easy to use. It did not introduce any incompatibilities for me, and I appreciate that it just works.

Great Plugin but...

By MKM (mkmllr) on July 5, 2022

...is there a way to skip the cropping step? I've already prepared the avatar image beforehand and have no need for another cropped version to be added to my media library. And in cases where the avatar is not supposed to have a square shape, the plugin is not usable anymore. edit: skipping crop is now possible, changed my rating

Great Plugin Great Support

By WP Sites - Brad Dalton (wordpresssites) on February 5, 2022

Thanks for a great plugin.

Tremendous plugin

By Ricky de Laveaga (rdela) on December 4, 2021

Does exactly what it purports to do, cleanly and obviously. If you are looking for a plugin that plays nicely with gravatars but allows you to override them or select/upload an image from the media library, look no further. Essential for sites that publish authors who may not have WP accounts or ever sign into WP admin, but still need avatars/profile images.

Nice work, but needs improvement

By GeddeDev (ggedde) on November 9, 2021

This does work, but has some issues, First it doesn't remove the default Profile Picture. Meaning you will see 2 sections in the Admin > Users for user photo. This confuses clients. There should be an option to hide the default Profile Picture or it should just do it automatically when this is enabled. Secondly, a minor issue is that the Admin setting for this is under Settings > Discussion. Which is fine, but I use "Disable Comments" which hides Settings > Discussion so I have no way of making Admin settings changes to this. Also most Plugins that have a settings page would have a settings link in the Plugins page underneath it's name and this does not making it hard to find where the settings page is, but the author does explain this in their documentation.

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