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Simple History – user activity log, audit tool

View changes made by users within WordPress. See who created a page, uploaded an attachment or approved an comment, and more.
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Plugin Information

Simple History shows recent changes made within WordPress, directly on your dashboard or on a separate page.

Pär Thernström  
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I have finished the Korean translation for Simple History

By modelaid on May 26, 2023

I have finished the Korean translation.
I just want to say thank you for developing such a good plugin.
And I hope it will be translated into more languages so that many WordPress users can use it conveniently.

Simple History – user activity log, audit tool 한국어 번역을 모두 마쳤습니다.
좋은 플러그인을 개발해 주어서 고맙다는 인사를 전하고 싶습니다.
그리고 보다 많은 언어로 번역되어 많은 워드프레스 사용자들이 편리하게 사용할 수 있기를 바랍니다.

Excellent Plugin a MUST

By adminthiele on May 8, 2023

This plug-in was an answer to prayer. With 25 websites and so many people coming and going in the backend —only God knew what was going on before we discovered this life changing plug-in. Now our 7 admins are required to not just login daily looking for plug-in issues, etc., but they first must scroll through the history until they come to the last time they logged out. We have discovered so many issues that we were able to catch before they became an issue. But most importantly, it’s just having peace of mind that we know what’s going on. There is no question this deserve five stars as well as my time invested into rating this outstanding plug-in.

Really Impressed

By pdesignsgh on April 15, 2023

I have tried others but since I found this plugin, I have installed it on all my sites. Provides detailed and accurate insight. I love it.

Absolutely fantastic

By jkolaa on April 3, 2023

It's an absolute must-have for any Wordpress!


By ferda2 on March 31, 2023

I use it for all projects. 100% satisfaction!


By mwoffenden on March 17, 2023

Perfect tool and helped me with site security immensely!

very helpful

By kell99 on February 8, 2023

excellent tool to see what was changed when

Super helpfull

By kkuk0694 on February 8, 2023

Very accurate mirroring of all your activities backend, super helpfull to keep your memory alive as to all backend input. Thank you, great plugin!

Very Good

By slservice33 on February 7, 2023

I've been using this for a few months and it works well being useful to keep an eye on activity on my site.

I'm surprised every day someone tries to log into my site with my admin user name and an incorrect password !

Works really well

By NW1 on January 25, 2023

Great plugin - works really well and does exactly what it says with no issues. Thanks! :)

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