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Simple Author Box

Add a responsive author box with social icons to any post. Great author box for any site!
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Simple Author Box adds a responsive author box at the end of your posts, showing the author name, author gravatar and author description – author bio. It also adds over 30 social profile fields on WordPress user profile screen, allowing to display the author social icons in the author box.

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Over Intrusive on dashboard

By Chris (justkeepdistance) on March 15, 2023

It asks for you to go pro and it takes over the dashboard and covers everything not worth paying for in my opinion.

Disappointed that I cannot evaluate the free version

By robertreddin on March 7, 2023

I so wanted this to work and to give it 5 stars because it looked so good in the previews. OK, the free version does not work on a WordPress blog that does not have a static home page because all posts are on the home page. I get that. Switching to a static front page and a separate page for posts, it still does not work when the website is viewed. Presumably, this is because the posts are still on a page, and the free version does not work on pages.

To use this app you need to buy one of the "pro" version options.

Annoyingly expensive

By Jason (crazy4datin) on February 4, 2023

So the plugin is nice but the basic version lacks any kind of options to make it effective so you are more or less forced to choose another plugin or pay which is not a position you should be putting your customers in and is annoying, I appreciate you need to pay for it but make it reasonable, on this occasion I will choose another plugin

Too limited

By auludag on October 31, 2022

free version is too limited. even above post or below post selection needs pro.


By darmidont on July 7, 2022

bad bad bad pro pro pro

Nice !

By evolute2 on April 14, 2022

Thanks for the quick fix of the new version bug! And I didn't need to pay anything. So I will buy the Pro version soon.

Not working if you don't pay for it.

By uckunb on March 28, 2022

It only shows your bio in every post. It doesn't show the bio box of your users if you don't pay and upgrade to pro. If you have more than one users in your blog, it won't show the bio boxes of them under their articles. It shows for only the Admin's bio box.

I want you to fix the error

By magnetypo on April 14, 2022

This plugin is very nice. I just found an HTML error. class-simple-author-box-helper.php line:155 </span> tag opening tag is not enough? I got an HTML error, so I did the following. </span> -> delete.

Great Customer Support!!!!

By tiffanychic on December 8, 2021

Excellent customer support, I needed help with Coding on my website. Customer support helped me promptly & efficiently.

Limited Front-end / CX options

By nmottet on November 29, 2021

I installed several author plugins to feature multiple authors on the same post, and add CX widgets at the beginning and end of posts to display author names. This plugin seemed to work well overall, but I was disappointed by the limited CX options. There are a few CX options out of the box but these options can't really be customized besides a few limited choices. Overall, I was pretty far off the design that I wanted and would have had to hire a developer to make CSS changes to be able to use this plugin. The CX widgets were too "large" for my needs, and there was no easy option to insert author names at the beginning of the posts (without it looking a bit clunky). After using this plugin as well as several other "author" plugins for a few days, I decided to go with another plugin that offered better CX widgets.

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