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Server IP & Memory Usage Display

Show the memory limit, current memory usage and IP address in the admin footer.
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This plugin displays the memory limit, current memory usage, WordPress Memory Limit, IP address and PHP version in the admin footer.

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easy to use

By sepicompanywork on March 2, 2023


tnx for plugin

it's easy to use

This provides AWESOME data

By Matt Ryan (RYNONET) on September 16, 2022

I just found this plugin after migrating a client site and having problems with the DNS updates not reporting the proper site IP. Installed this and was able to confirm to the client that their site had, indeed, been moved to their new server. The proof was right there in the footer with their new IP address. I think this is going to be a must-use type of plugin for many of my client sites.


By Frank White (frankwikie) on May 21, 2021

Pretty good and simple to use.

I use it on every site

By gabo013 on April 16, 2021

I use it on every site


By Antares (antares_chan) on December 11, 2020

Performs as expected, two thumbs up.

Bug: incorrect server total MBs, and measure % against WP LIMIT instead

By Steven (stgoos) on July 15, 2020

I started to use the plugin (v2.1.0) today on my server and noticed a little bug with the total amount of MBs available on the server. The hosting package I use comes with 2GB and this translates into: Memory: 12 of 2147483648 MB (0%) | WP LIMIT: 384 MB ...instead of... 2147483648 / 1024 / 1024 = 2048 MB = 2 GB Also - wouldn't it make more sense when the WP LIMIT is shown there instead so the usage is a % of the WP LIMIT? So like: Memory: 12 of 384 MB (WP LIMIT) (0%) | Server Total: 2048 MB ---- To fix the bug: Line 46 should be changed into: $this->memory['limit'] = (int) ini_get('memory_limit') / 1024 / 1024; And perhaps change line 55 into: $this->memory['percent'] = round ($this->memory['usage'] / $this->memory['limit'] * 100, 1); To show 1 decimal which would be useful in case of smaller percentages.

Great when migrating sites

By Prixer on September 17, 2022

Great when migrating sites, we can see the IP the site is resolving from. You can see also when activating a plugin if it drains hosting ram.


By gwce on February 25, 2020

Easy to use plugin. One remark: It would be cool to have a small backend configuration menu where you can change the shown items (e.g. only Memory or only IP) and the name of the resources. In my case the original host name is shown beside the IP so the customers may know where the website is hosted. Thanks!

Very simple and quick, works well

By Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty (hamishmb) on February 11, 2020

Seems like a solid plugin, and it seems to work fine on the latest version of Wordpress too. No set up needed, works really well and useful on a low-end hosting provider like mine to check that I'm not running out of memory.

Simple and Convenient

By webix801 on March 23, 2019

Thank you

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