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This is a very simple SEO plugin. You can easily set and customize meta tags and OGP tags for each page.
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“SEO SIMPLE PACK” is a very simple plugin for SEO.

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Some Pages Got Garbled.

By k.kurihara (kenkurihara) on May 19, 2023

i dont know why this happens but some pages got garbled. im confused so i just left them blank.


By nemausus30 on November 3, 2022

Breaks your site after uninstallation

Free, simple settings and works Fine

By nene (wpdreamer) on October 29, 2022

Thank you! I like this one, might become my favorite WordPress SEO free plugin.

Good!! Simple, just right.

By satooog on October 4, 2022

It has everything I need and no unnecessary features. Easy to understand. Just right.

Thats all I need

By 584 on July 28, 2021

Perfect and simple. Only that things, that you really need for SEO.


By childsview on February 16, 2021


Just right

By ishitaka on February 10, 2021

Simple and easy to use. The function is necessary and sufficient. Just right.


By Shizumi Yoshiaki (Shizumi) on January 27, 2020

使い勝手が良いです アーカイブページの設定が可能なのがとても助かります。


By Hidekazu Ishikawa (kurudrive) on January 27, 2020

Awesome Plugin!!


By ddtakahiro on May 22, 2019

wordpressには様々なseoのプラグインがあるが、メジャーどころのプラグインは重い。 かといって自分で何かと設定しようと思うとそれはそれでめんどくさい。 このプラグインは軽量の割に機能は必要十分に提供されている。プラグインの詳細がわかっていなくても、なんとなく使い方がわかるのも○

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