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Search Exclude

Hide any post or page from the search results.
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With this plugin you can exclude any page, post or whatever from the WordPress search results by checking off the corresponding checkbox on post/page edit page. Supports quick and bulk edit.

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Its good but hoping it could be better!

By oxign on June 18, 2023

I use an ad blocker so I haven't been troubled by adware. Your plugin appears to work well and I appreciate the option is located in the Quick Edit. However, the option does not show in Quick Edit when selecting multiple pages.

Bloatware after buyout

By Code Muffin on May 18, 2023

Another simple and popular plugin, bought out and stuffed with bloatware.
Avoid and uninstall.


By gpowerhost on May 3, 2023

We have begun removing this plugin from hundreds of client websites as it adds a great deal of unnecessary bloat and advertisements in the backend. Too bad!

However, we found another plugin, Hide from Search, which we heavily tested, is actively updated and has an added feature. Sorry to see good things go so bad... glad to see that there are almost always alternatives in the WordPress way!


By marimalari on April 17, 2023

Was a simple good plugin, but now adds commercials for Quadlayers to my dashboard. Unprofessional. Avoid!

Bad new owners

By rghedin on April 17, 2023

Used to be a great plugin. Not anymore. Acquired by April 2023 by a company called QuadLayers, which bloated the plugin on its first update after changing hands. Why can't we have nice things?

Avoid, find a fork

By Ate Up With Motor on April 14, 2023

This used to be a great, lightweight, useful plugin. Then, it was bought out by some software company that started filling it with bloat and adware. You're much better off finding some other solution, or forking the plugin as it was before QuadLayers got involved.

nice and easy

By rjacob999 on October 25, 2022

does the job thanks!

Works perfectly

By flashaha on October 3, 2022

This is great. A straighforward lightweight plugin that provides a checkbox to hide a page, post or product from the website's search feature. Thank you!

works great

By slservice33 on April 15, 2022

works well for me. I think this is one of those very useful plugins which makes something an expert can do quite easily accessible to novices for free ! Thank you

Extremely Helpful. Thanks so Much!

By spennyforhire on March 14, 2022

Super Brilliant Plugin. Helps a lot with SEO + prevents making a mess on the web. Hope you are doing ok. My heart goes out to all suffering in Ukraine. @-/---

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