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Say what?

An easy-to-use plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code. Simply enter the current string, a …
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Say What is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to change translatable strings in WordPress without editing code. It is available for free on GitHub, but there is also a Pro version with additional features such as string discovery, improved performance, wildcard replacements, multi-lingual support, and import/export features. By using this plugin, you can support global climate change projects by buying trees.

Ademti Software  

Easy String Replacement

Change translatable strings effortlessly without coding.

Improved Performance

Enhance your site's performance with text-domain-specific filters.


Lingual Support - Customize replacements for different languages on multi-lingual sites.

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This plugin doesn't do what it says it does

By Wendihihihi on August 24, 2023

This is the plugin's description:

An easy-to-use plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code. Simply enter the current string, and what you want to replace it with and the plugin will automatically do the rest!

I tried it with this string: <div id="wrapper"> that I want to replace with: <div class="wrapper">, but nothing happened.

It says in the description that I only need to enter the current string, and what you want to replace it with and the plugin will automatically do the rest. But it doesn't work that way.

Work perfectly but need little knowledge

By devfx01 on June 9, 2023

Does exactly what it supposed to do. Don't need to change the core file for changing strings we want to translate. You will need to find the exact string name and it's location (site domain).

Free version useless w/o php knowledge

By avu on June 1, 2023

Free version useless without extensive php knowledge of the target modules. Accepts any setting but does and says nothing.

Thank you for changing the stubborn texts

By dinaddd on November 18, 2022

I was recommended on this plugin by WooCommerce Payment, because I wanted to change the title of the payment method. And it works, very easy to use.

Nice plugin, Saved a lot of time

By amin9 on October 14, 2022

Nice plugin. Saved a lot of time.

Solve a great struggle for me

By nikola93n on June 1, 2022

I was in the process of creating a webshop with a Woocommerce and Blocksy theme. With this plugin, I've translated a few strings from the Blocksy theme which I didn't translate with a Loco Translate plugin. Soo cool!

Useless, does not work

By john1257 on February 8, 2022

This is second time I tried this useless plugin with no success. I wasted some 30 minutes of my life to understand how this plugin works with WooCommerce. I tried everything in manual, I tried to change string lengths and variations, but it all did not help. Author wants you to buy Pro version very much, but if free version does not work, then where is guarantee, that Pro version will work? Avoid this plugin!

Nr 1 plugin for custom localization

By Yui (fierevere) on December 6, 2021

Helped a lot of people to change existing translation strings or translate untranslated strings. Recommended to use for users asking for the above.

The Pro version is soooo worth it, + excellent customer service.

By lorilself on October 14, 2021

The Pro version has been a huge time saver for me and I've used it all over our site. It's so easy to use - I can literally change the text I need to in about 15 seconds. Worth every penny, and one of the best deals around as far as useful/necessary plugins go. In addition, when I had a question today, support responded very quickly and helped me find the info I was looking for - top notch service!

Awesome plugin!

By webqueenhtc on September 10, 2021

After hours of looking through the code, I finally gave up and came to wordpress.org to search for help. I found Say What plugin. It's simple and easy to use (free version)! I was able to tweak the 'wording of WooCommerce' at Checkout. Thank you so much for an awesome plugin! Thank you, Bai!

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