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Safe SVG

Enable SVG uploads and sanitize them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities in your WordPress website
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Safe SVG is a WordPress plugin that allows you to upload SVG files to your site while ensuring they are sanitized to prevent vulnerabilities. It also provides the ability to preview your SVG files in the media library. The plugin offers features such as sanitizing SVGs, optimizing SVGs, choosing who can upload SVGs, and more.


Secure SVG Uploads

Stop vulnerabilities by sanitizing SVG files and ensure the safety of your WordPress site.


saving Optimization - Enable SVGO tool to optimize SVGs on upload and save storage space.

Easy SVG Management

Preview and select the correct SVG in the media library, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

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mandatory plugin

By bartesuski on August 16, 2023

I don't understand why this isn't in core wordpress. Plugin integrates flawlessly into the website and causes no issues.

Does what is says. Quick and easy.

By geonaught on July 15, 2023

Does what is says. Quick and easy.

Simple yet exactly what I needed

By jamesstaples on May 17, 2023

Easy plugin for enabling svg uploads on your wordpress site

Simple but Highly Effective

By tadees on November 30, 2022

Great little plugin that does exactly what it says. And does it easily. (Still not sure why SVGs are not supported natively but that's another discussion) Thank you, job well done!


By hansashift on August 16, 2022

Works like a charm

Why is this not a part of core?

By Blockify (blockify) on April 1, 2022

Great plugin, does what it says. Should be core functionality.

Incredibly useful!

By Gwyneth Llewelyn (GwynethLlewelyn) on February 23, 2022

Why Automattic hates SVG has always been a source of confusion to me. Why shouldn't uploading SVG be as easy and straightforward as any other kind of (supported) image? Then again, it's true that you can write malicious code inside a SVG rather easily. The solution? Safe SVG. It cleans up a malformed or malicious SVG during the upload, so that when it arrives in your Media Library, it will already have been sanitised. The plugin is as simple to operate as it is useful. All parts of WP that require opening the Media Library browser will now accept SVGs as well. As others have remarked, there are some outstanding issues when previewing SVGs inside Gutenberg. No surprises there — this plugin has predated Gutenberg, and (at the time of writing) has been abandoned for about two years, during which Automattic has been eagerly upgrading WordPress. The author has not gone away, though. He is still actively developing the sanitising part of the plugin, using a library he has developed and posted on GitHub, and which has accepted several contributions and gone through many code reviews. It's possibly the reference library for SVG sanitation written in PHP. And fortunately he's now back and has released a brand new version as of late February 2022 :)

Agency go-to for SVG uploads

By Cory Hughart (cr0ybot) on February 14, 2022

Our agency has a talented illustrator who is adept at creating SVGs, particularly with self-contained CSS animations. We would be loading them all manually from the theme folder with no path to easily add new or replace existing SVGs without developer involvement if it weren't for this plugin. We install Safe SVG on pretty much all sites we custom build for our clients. I'm really hoping for some additional features to come to this plugin to better support the Gutenberg editor, since the core image block doesn't handle SVGs well. But that doesn't affect my 5-star review as the most reliable SVG upload plugin.

Updated! Feb 23rd 2022

By alex.alp on February 23, 2022

I used to install this plugin on all clients' websites, but sadly, the plugin has been not upgraded for 2 years! so i replaced it for another one. Updated review, the plugin finally has been updated, so all good now!

Works with WP Bakery

By Duke Snoogens (MikeLoucas) on January 7, 2022

Works with WP Bakery out of the box!

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