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Re-add text underline and justify

This tiny plugin re-adds the Editor text underline & text justify buttons in the WYSIWYG removed in WordPress 4.7. It works well with the Classic …
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This tiny plugin re-adds the Editor text underline & text justify buttons in the WYSIWYG removed in WordPress 4.7. It works well with the Classic Editor plugin, Advanced Custom Fields (Free & Pro) and is also compatible with the Gutenberg’s “Classic” bloc.

Brice Capobianco  
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By kylemaccs on October 13, 2019

completely useless. does not work

Good Job

By lucas86sampaio on November 15, 2018

Muito Bom!

Thanks to help fight back the absurdity!

By Torgut on October 4, 2017

Thanks for helping the community to stay safe from the silly decisions of the dictators who provide us this great tool which ins WordPress. It would be great that for each silly decision someone would come out with a way to block it.

It was stupid of WordPress to remove them in the first place.

By fastpuppy on July 2, 2017

I can't fathom the idiocy and broken logic that led to wordpress removing these buttons in the first place. The justifications posted by Andrew Ozz were nonsensical at best and showed his indifference to the average user and designers. Thank you for making this plugin. Please don't use it to hack my sites.

Nice !

By IljaZu on May 31, 2017

Nice !


By Patrik (patschi) on April 1, 2017

Jusitfy button is finally back.

Works Fine

By Jithin Johny Geogre on February 19, 2017

Works fine.

Works, thank you.

By CyberCobre on February 19, 2017

I can't thank the plug-in maker enough. I wound up having to hand-code in the justify and underline. Whomever on the WP team who thought we should be denied justify and underline need to rethink their arrogance.

Nice, nice, very nice!!

By Jacobo Feijóo (Jacobofeijoo) on February 16, 2017

Clean, tiny, fast... It works perfectly. I have my underline and justify buttons again!

Thank you!

By webhold on February 12, 2017

This plugin is just great. Since the wp-update without justify the text I was always angry about the appearance of the text - so I've always avoided the update. With this plugin I am a happy user again! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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