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Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

Easily redirect pages/posts or custom post types to another page/post or external URL by specifying the redirect URL and type (301, 302, 307, meta).
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Current Version 5.2.4

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wp-cli almost compatible

By Sudrien on September 10, 2023

5.2.4 throws up warnings when using wp-cli (at least in php 8)

Otherwise I'd still be using it

Malicious Plugin

By jonnyjones99 on December 23, 2022

Do not install this plugin, it inject adverts into your website. Looking through the code, it even intentionally hides them from site Admins. Completely malicious and should be banned.

Sadly spam related - found by Wordfence

By afme on November 9, 2022

After updating plugins today, Wordpress spotted this file was different to that claimed in the repository. It seems to have updated itself to allow spam/adware injection to the website! I used Wordfence to roll back to an 'official' version, but guess it will try to re-install its broken version so I'll be looking for a new redirect tool.

Injecting spam

By ljezard on September 12, 2022

Don't use this plugin. As others mention here, it's injecting spam into websites. It should be removed from WordPress' repository.

Malicious code & adware

By marcusjwilson on August 10, 2022

Recent update allowed advertising links to be injected into our site without our knowledge. It took a lot of digging around to find that this plugin was the culprit. Very bad black hat and shady behavior from the developers here. Avoid.

No fuss, does the job

By everyday1 on August 1, 2022

Works well throughout several websites and different wp versions. No fuss and extras as we like it. Thanks.

Does exactly what is needed easily

By usingitwell on July 2, 2022

Unlike other plugins, this is fast and lean, and do not try to upsell to 'premium' like so many other plugins. Just works as expected for many years now. I'm a fan.

Great plugin and easy to configure

By Dan (danmonells) on November 16, 2021

Works very well

Adware/Malware - Should be Banned

By spinny44 on October 7, 2021

Sending unauthorized user data to w.anadnet.com. Totally unacceptable. Should be banned from WordPress.

Adware/malware added recently.

By Tyler Tork (TylerTork) on May 2, 2021

We've stopped using this because it has apparently been taken over by people who exploit it to add advertising to the sites that use it. Please remove from this catalog.

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