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QQWorld Auto Save Images

Automatically keep the all remote picture to the local media libary when you publishing posts, and automatically set featured image.
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Automatically keep the all remote picture to the local media libary when you publishing posts, and automatically set featured image.

Michael Wang  
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it's not download webp remote images

By egphp on February 24, 2023

it's not download webp remote images

Some Late Issues

By godbeloved on February 22, 2021

This plugin works fine a few weeks ago but developed some faults a few days ago. I was unable to publish posts until I disabled this plugin.

Didn't work

By whateverfree2 on August 5, 2020

Tested on my site, the link to image is full url but does not save to local. Please check again, the plugin stopped working

Work perfectly.

By Jack Wu (Moonjack) on March 8, 2018

This plugin is exactly what I need. Thank you very much.

Didn't work for me

By gotwickdotcom on February 27, 2018

Sent message to developer that none of my posts were processed, and I was immediately asked for access to my admin user! This is a no-no! He or she would not provide any information, just repeated the request for access, then just said "Sorry, no instructions, it's very easy, and i'v tested, it's works, so i can not help you without the admin account of your website." I could find no instructions or documentation to which one can refer either. I give 2 stars only because of the rapid response time for inquiry.

good plugin

By allenczt on May 25, 2020

good plugin

Good Word!

By pthanhtrung92 on October 13, 2017

Thank for this plugin.

WaW, great plugin, saved me huge time, 5*, fantastic thank you

By LNN (Ewan Norman) on April 15, 2017

It does what it says, saves the first image from your post, if you want it can pull them all, then set it as featured image. All automatic.


By ed29 on September 3, 2016



Check conflict with ACF, tested on WP4.4

By aloysiusluo on September 3, 2016

If I enable "QQWorld Auto Save Images", ACF cannot autosave every custom fields, and will DELETE ALL CUSTOM FIELDS!!!

If I disable, ACF will work.

I tested on WP4.4.

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