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Product Import Export for WooCommerce

Easily import/export WooCommerce products (simple, grouped, external/affiliate) via CSV. The plugin now auto-generates product descriptions with ChatG …
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The Product Import Export for WooCommerce plugin allows you to easily export and import your WooCommerce products in CSV format. It supports simple, grouped, and external/affiliate products, and offers features like inventory updates, syncing products, data filtration, and automatic column mapping. With the latest update, the plugin now includes an integration with ChatGPT API to automatically generate product descriptions for products without existing descriptions.


Easy WooCommerce Product Import

Import and export your WooCommerce products effortlessly with CSV format.

Automatic Product Descriptions

Let our plugin generate product descriptions using Generative AI.

Advanced Data Filtration

Filter and sync your product inventory with ease using our plugin.

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Great plugin!

By gaiagoods on September 23, 2023

Very happy with this plugin, easy to update quantities in bulk!

Lifesaver This is What you need!!!

By benedict1984 on September 1, 2023

I needed to imort categories and tags this did the job perfectly.

Very convenient

By laudag on August 29, 2023

Time saver.

Time Saver!

By rafekw on August 24, 2023

Thoroughly impressed. I used this plugin to transfer my categories between sub and lead sites. Saved me hours (the alternative being sat for hours uploading images)! Thank you guys

Amazing Plugin

By Waleed Zaytoun (waleedzaytoun) on August 21, 2023

very helpful

5 / 5

By Gustav Miram (gustavmiram669) on August 17, 2023


Did exactly what I needed it to

By Danielle (xstarrx) on August 12, 2023

I needed to transfer a review from one site to another after a mixup had occurred and this did exactly what I needed it to.

I did get an error at first that the comment ID I was using was already taken even through none of my reviews had that comment ID - it took a minute to work through and realise that comment IDs are also used for comments/notes on WooCommerce orders and that is why I was getting the error and I was able to work around it then. Super simple to fix when I worked out why, but a trap for inexperienced players :)

Отличный плагин

By ncp2023 on August 2, 2023

Отличный плагин. Очень помог с выгрузкой и загрузкой товаров. Файл открывать через OpenOffice.

extremely bad experience

By boosinggermany on July 18, 2023

We do not recommend buying the plugin in any case! Have extremely bad experience with the quality of plugins from WebToffee

Worked as described

By aswnp on July 15, 2023

Worked exactly as described, Even faster than I expected

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