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Printful Integration for WooCommerce

Grow your store with the top print-on-demand dropshipping plugin
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Partner with the #1 print-on-demand drop shipping plugin. Over 300,000 active customers and counting! With Printful, you can focus on building your store. We’ll print, fulfill and ship your products for you. Simply upload your design, add it to your store, and we’ll do the rest.

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Really Really bad integration

By HKaya (hkaya) on September 30, 2023

If it works for you great it works but if not you can spend hours and hours just to debug the issue. the problem that 99% of the people are experiencing is known and noted in the discussion but it is always the users problem.

Adding a product takes up to 1 hour just to add a product. why do we need this automation than?

Bad Integration

By jaspix on September 19, 2023

The way they handle the integration is pretty messy. It creates unnecessary notes EVEN after you deactivate the plugin. It's incompatible with many plugins and even incompatible with CURRENT WOOCOMMERCE since it doesn't support HPOS. It seems like they have abandoned this plugin for good to focus on Etsy.

Works properly

By ahgerling on August 18, 2023

After the last update (2.2.3) I work with it stable. It does what it is supposed to do. Flawless synchronization, no problems.

Worthless right out of the box

By jocodigital on August 17, 2023

You can't even setup the app. They immediately tell you it's your host. or you have something misconfigured. No, our host is top-tier and we have no issues with any other app ever. It won't even connect to our printful store and also won't give a reason other than, Error. A quick google search yields that most people have this issue and always get the same response "Printful isn't compatible with your version of woocommerce / wordpress / your hosting". Ok, so they don't update their app to be compatible with the latest releases. That's my red flag and we are moving on to a different company now. We will gladly change this review down the road if Printful starts working. We do nearly a million in sales a year on our other store, so they'd be wise to get this working for people.

Don't work! / Não funciona!

By luizcmoficial on August 3, 2023

Infelizmente no momento atual não está funcionando. O produto é até adicionado no woocommerce, porém incompleto, não vem com as variações do produto e imagens, e vem na opção "Sem estoque". A ideia do plugin é mt boa e completa, mas infelizmente, ineficaz.

Great idea but poor execution

By 40upravers on August 2, 2023

My problems started over a year ago. I thought I had auto updates turned off but didn't and the Printful plug-in updated while I was promoting my website at a weekend long music festival.

After the update, I have only been able to send a handful of items to WooCommerce successfully. I get various error messages when it fails. Tech support is a joke. I'm pretty sure someone authored the plug-in and only supplied them with a playbook of responses to issues.

No one a Printful knows anything about the code. Of course they say it's something server side. I contact my provider of nearly 20 years and they confirm nothing has changed server side. Even on a shared hosting plan instead of dedicated, my provider NEVER changes anything concerning my website.

I've had timeout issues mostly and the Printful error suggests increasing the db execution limits. Well... I've increased each parameter to 100 times it's default; allowing MINUTES for execution to no avail. If the plug-in has specific requirements, Printful should be able to provide a "server setup" document but can't.

I'm about to switch to another provider that does hold your hand so they can document what is happening server side. Thought I doubt this will help because of how clueless Printful is.

I likely have 100 hours invested in trying to resolve these issues as a high level programmer in another segment of tech. At this rate, I could pay someone to author a working plugin for me and save a lot of time and money.

Printful Support Deceptive & Useless

By tropicalproject on July 31, 2023

I am dumbfounded, and nearly rendered speechless over the absolute trauma that I’ve experienced over the last three weeks as a result of Printful's 'Support' actions.

I just spent 10 hours a day for three weeks solid trying to troubleshoot my system in order to be able to upload products to my Woocommerce stores based on your constant insistence that the problem originated entirely with either my hosting accounts, or the configuration of the websites I’m developing,  and “ that’s all we know” was all you had to say about it.

You asked me to make a screen movie of my entire attempt to install products and to send it to you, which took me an additional eight hours to figure out how to install screen recorder and to create the video to send to you, which I did, and for which I got no response or comments regarding the video other than to say, again, that it was a problem with my hosting.

·        I just spent 175 hours constantly trying to troubleshoot why none of my Printful products would upload to any of my Woocommerce sites.

·        I repeatedly reinstalled & updated every single plug-in, my Divi theme, Woocommerce version, WordPress version, my API keys (six times), my .htaccess files, my PHP settings, my databases.

·        I spent over eight hours in ten separate calls talking to multiple tech support supervisors in Asia who are fielding support for Blue Host.

·        I created 47 separate screen clips of error messages and mailed them to you in dozens of emails.

·        I spent days searching the Internet, searching chat boards and YouTube videos, and sent emails to people for potential actual real tech support – the kind I’m not getting from you – in order to try to resolve this. I opened five accounts on tech portals try to connect/chat with other users to resolve the issue.

And then exactly 3 weeks later, after all this monumental effort and stress (that completely blew a hole in all my enthusiasm for my projects and all enjoyment of my summer), you have the audacity to tell me the real reason why all my product uploads failed was because the Printful Woocommerce plugin doesn’t work with the latest version of Word Press, and that the Printful Woocommerce plugin doesn’t work with the latest version of Woocommerce!!!

WTF?!  Absolutely disrespectful can you be? This is worse than a bad joke.

After admitting that the error was on you the whole time, your suggestion to fix the issue was that I revert both my version of WordPress (6.2.2) to 6.1 - and my version of Woocommerce (7.9) to 7.5. - Neither of which is a useful or an easy suggestion. Just more work on my part to make up for what you haven’t done!

Okay, how am I to understand how a multimillion dollar major fulfillment company - that runs its entire business of delivering goods based on orders that come to a large extent through WordPress and Woocommerce - have let lapse an essential requirement of having your plug-in keep pace with the technical improvements of the platforms that your customer's businesses run on?

Good idea, but need work

By guidonietmann on May 27, 2023

Its a good idea, but the sync don't work. (CODE: G521798708)

And it would be very painful sync it by hand. (brefore you ask, yes, i had activated the old api thing and disabled almost all other plugins i had installed. Before that, it crashed on activation).

Working great!

By redpython on May 16, 2023

This plugin is working great so far! All items syncing - over 200 variations - and shipping sync working fine.
Hosting with WPEngine and built in Divi

Lots of issues

By bellakaroo on April 27, 2023

Can't activate the plugin, "this plugin has no valid header" error message popup when you try to activate it.

Because you can't activate the plugin you cant sync your woocommerce shop to the Printful platform thus no products will be imported.

Alot of your products are unavailable since most of them have a greyed out design button anyways.

Best to find another POD provider.

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