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The Ultimate Video Player For WordPress – by Presto Player

The Ultimate WordPress Video Player.
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Take your video to another level and delight your viewers will a modern video experience they will love you for.

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Wery good.

By Janne (Janneby) on October 1, 2023

Works like a charm, I see forward wen it integrates with Divi too.

We thoroughly enjoy using Presto Player

By johnaddy on September 26, 2023

Using Presto Player with Bunny.net is the answer to our video-hosting and posting dreams. The prerole without audio feature is a great attention-grabber; it's easy to spruce up the player with brand colors.

Does exactly what it's supposed to do

By (tajackson) on September 21, 2023

Many, many options!

Great plug-in and Awesome customer support.

By vincentaqua0218 on September 21, 2023

Great plug-in and Awesome customer support!

i love yoast

By fitnessken28 on September 9, 2023

i am excited to use yoast

Truely Great plugin.

By bob0 on September 6, 2023

Great support and i'm an old grump..I gave them a hard time and they still came to my rescue. these people are a class act...

I am hoping for a video stop so you can start the videos where you want and the stop will not let the videos go beyond the stop. Still fantastic product and I 'm sure they hold their heads up high on this one... Thank You for everything


Great plugin

By nejc87 on August 26, 2023

Great! Hides youtube controls, I can still use youtube servers for video.

works fine

By lesdelicesorsatus on August 26, 2023

Works fine

Great plugin, great support!

By annikaingrid on August 4, 2023

Before I found presto player, I used pricey webinar software tools. I was searching for a wordpress tool with equal conversion rate possibilities for my funnels. I am very happy with the presto player plugin! An the support is so fast and helpful. Thank you!

Great plugin but disappointing communication and delays

By andrevanberlo2015 on August 2, 2023

I've thought long and hard before writing this review. The main reason is I am truly disappointed in communication and what feels like "broken promises".

The plugin is really great but for so long there was the awaited playlist feature. The release of this feature has been said to be "released soon", or "at the end of the month" or "in the first quarter", but gets delayed time and time again. There are always reasons for it but I'm thinking it is just not a priority.
I have a business myself and I understand the priority part. But I wish they would just say: "We have no clue when it will be ready, it all depends on other projects go etc etc. It could be this month or 2 months from now."

The mistake is of course on my side as I purchased a product that didn't have the feature yet, however it was always on the horizon. As with any horizon, it never comes any closer.
Due to this experience I will be more careful next time when being an early adopter with this team. I needed a solution and wrongfully trusted timelines to be kept.

So, the plugin does everything that it does do great, I think the missing playlist feature for me is huge, and I think the communication needs an overhaul and timelines need to be set realistically so I can also plan my things.

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