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PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry

No. 1 Podcasting plugin for WordPress.
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No. 1 Podcasting plugin for WordPress.

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Terrible, Buggy Plugin

By iamklove on May 11, 2023

This plugin does not work at all. I tried it once, then deactivated and deleted it.

Later on, I decided to give it another shot. Somehow, even though I had cleared the WP cache and dropped any and all parts of the database, it remembered the podcast. So, I couldn't import the episodes, because this stupid plugin said they already existed.

There's no way for me to delete the podcast and start over.

Huge waste of time.

Awesome Performance

By Masum Billah (masumwp) on April 23, 2023

One-stop podcast solution

A Real Workhorse...

By brothered2021 on June 7, 2022

I've been using this now for almost 7 years, with about 250-300 podcasts per year. There have been some blips, some caused by own ignorance and some hiccups in the software but all in all it's been a real workhorse and has been one of the focal points of the podcast. The support team is outstanding and they've been gracious and patient with me. Can't recommend this enough...

Review deleted

By adabob on April 6, 2021

Delete this review

I'd give it zero stars if I could

By writess on March 18, 2021

This plug-in doesn't work at all for giving stats. The podcast player is ok but there are others out there. I only wanted it for the stats and not only can I not get them to work the steps in the instructions reference tabs that don't exist. I was looking for a paid solution to Anchor but if you can't get this basic step right, that solution will not be Blubrry. I will find another podcast player and ditch this mess


By ali3oli on May 8, 2021


My go-to podcasting plugin on wordpress

By (erikemery) on February 2, 2021

I've used it a dozen times at least since 2014.

Does Not Work As Advertised - Support Is Terrible

By dbenic on January 11, 2021

Does Not Work As Advertised - Support Is Terrible

Not intuitive - Buggy

By Company 50 (co50) on December 18, 2020

This plugin is so eager to push Blubrry hosting that it makes the interface convoluted and confusing. Doesn't appear to support multiple podcasts, and continued to ignore the feed we input, instead using the site's default feed. I uninstalled after 15 mins.

Easy to use, great support, and gets the job done

By Aaron Frankel (aaronfrankel) on November 4, 2020

There are several ways to get a podcast and its feed up and running. However, after more than a decade of producing and managing podcasts, the Power Press plugin is the best solution. It's easy to use, well supported, and highly efficient when paired with Blubrry's media hosting. If you are worried your play won't be as pretty as some other options, you are focusing on the wrong thing to make your show grow.

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