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Post Type Switcher

A simple way to change a post's type in WordPress
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Plugin Information

This plugin adds a simple post-type drop-down to the post editor interface, allowing you to reassign any post to a new post type. It allows you to switch post’s type while editing your post.

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this plugin saved me hours of time

By timoschmitt1993 on March 28, 2023

This Plugin saved me hours of time, thank you very much!

Does the job beautifully

By yudayuda on March 18, 2023

Switching post types is a common scenario in most bespoke WP installations, and this plugin does it great - highly recommended!

Thank you!

By Wojciech Skowron (fosfolipid) on March 14, 2023

With this plugin I was able to save few hours of mindless clicking.

Bulk edit very quickly

By rockthan on February 18, 2023

Thanks for creating this helpful & easy to use plugin!

Love this app

By scopie (scopieg) on December 9, 2022

It always works beautifully every time I need it.

Hace lo que promete, y lo hace bien y sin publicidad

By Agenda Blanca (agendablanca) on November 29, 2022

Hace lo que promete, y lo hace bien y sin publicidad. Mis felicitaciones.

Saving time

By gravietie on November 6, 2022

This plugin is awesome so I want to share my experience with you, I changed pages to post and saved a lot of time, another important thing is that you do not need to use redirect 301 to prevent duplicated content because plugin won't change URL, I had only simple issue, the page that I changed to post was showing a specific sidebar that I already defined for it, after I changed it to post type still showing previous sidebar, for next time before change type from page to post, I changed sidebar setting to default, any way I highly recommended this plugin to you

It really helps

By Hossein (hosseinkh) on September 28, 2022

Thank you so much.

Switch and Reverse

By CoffeeGuy (cwebart) on September 22, 2022

I have been working with WP sites for many years now and this is an absolutely awesome pluing and works in bulk editing too! WE have to do a converstion over from one type to another, but then because of structure layouts and feeds, we have to convert them back again. This did it no problem!! Thank you for this great plugin!

5 star! :)

By Betty Maszlay (papireper) on September 8, 2022

Thank you for this very useful and user friendly plugin!

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