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Crowdsignal Dashboard – Polls, Surveys & more

The Crowdsignal Dashboard plugin allows you to create and manage polls, surveys, quizzes, and ratings from within your WordPress admin.
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The Crowdsignal Dashboard plugin allows you to create and manage polls, surveys, quizzes, and ratings from within your WordPress admin. See all your projects in one place, be they surveys, quizzes and polls made on Crowdsignal.com or any of our poll and survey blocks using our Crowdsignal Forms plugin. With just one click view all results for your responses as they come in to analyze responses in real time and export your results everywhere!

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Самый ужасный и бесполезный

By pro100kostia on March 31, 2023

Первым делом, я хотел бы отметить, что требование авторизации и покупки подписки для использования полной функциональности плагина может быть неприятным для многих пользователей. Ведь, как правило, люди ищут бесплатные решения и не хотят тратить деньги на каждый плагин, который им может понадобиться. Кроме того, существует множество бесплатных аналогов, которые могут предоставить функциональность опросов и рейтингов, без необходимости авторизации и покупки подписки. Также, я хотел бы отметить, что многие пользователи могут не быть готовыми предоставлять личные данные, такие как имя и адрес электронной почты, для регистрации на сайте, используемом плагином. Это может вызвать определенные проблемы в связи с конфиденциальностью и безопасностью данных. В целом, я бы рекомендовал изучить все доступные варианты, прежде чем принимать решение о покупке или использовании данного плагина.

Not work on new version

By patrykos3601 on September 3, 2022

You cant use this is newest wp version, buttons like "Feedback Button" dont show in edit block

Changed Their Plans & Service Terrible Support

By wimonews on January 6, 2021

I originally used PollDaddy in 2014 and was able to do restrictions and other features. It looks like the original Ireland team has been taken over by people who do not know what they a doing. AND I have a paid plan. Now that I have contacted tech support they are telling me that I am liar. I know I was able to do restrictions because for the past 6 years I was able to set them. They must be cutting back on their tech support and training. I continued with CrowSignal because the first few years it worked fine. If you can find something better do-- There's no point in me paying for tech support when the tech insults the customer. It's like they don't want to help anymore.

Must register to use

By Rubidze on October 7, 2020

I will not not bother registering an account somewhere just to try features of this plugin.


By Dan Roundhill (mrroundhill) on February 11, 2020


Great polls solution

By Renatho (a11n) (renathoc) on February 10, 2020

Great polls solution with a very nice UI!

Huge Improvements

By jonathangilmoreburke on February 5, 2020

The Crowdsignal team has made some huge upgrades to the product. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Relly so bad

By zdenekpauch on May 6, 2019

Not free, troling plugin..


By Csurga on January 23, 2018


Work very nice

By carlhopkins24 on April 17, 2017

Really nice plugin with good features, thank for good work Nice plugin

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