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Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

Pods is a framework for creating, managing, and deploying customized content types and fields for any project.
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The Pods Framework allows you to manage all your custom content needs in one place. You can create custom content types, extend and customize existing content types, add custom fields, and create connections between different types of content. With a wide range of field types and integration options, Pods helps you build and manage your WordPress site beyond standard posts and pages.

Pods Framework Team  

Simplify Content Management

Manage all your custom content needs in one location with the Pods Framework. Create, extend, customize, and organize content types easily with one click.

Flexible Customization Options

Add custom fields to any content type and conditionally show fields based on the value of other fields. Group your fields into sections and organize them with additional headings.

Seamless Integration and Display

Show your fields anywhere using blocks, shortcodes, widgets, or Pods Templates. Create connections between content types to keep your content organized. Pods integrates with popular plugins and themes for extended functionality.

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Perfect Plugin

By Remco2 on September 13, 2023

Easy to use, and lets you create extra content types real easy.

Please don't use Pods

By Adrian (Adrian2k7) on August 28, 2023

Please don't use Pods!

Unfortunately, I have to work with Pods for 7+ of years now … (our own decision back then, deeply regret it).

(For complex projects) The major issue is, that Pods is not working with WordPress, but working around it. Means, it doesn't integrate into WordPress (and plugins) very well. You have custom, non-intuitive functions for everything Pods related. So you eventually have to write a lot of custom code instead.

It gives you more problems than solving. Whenever there is a new requirement where Pods is involved, it needs much more resources to get resolved.

The second major issue is, that the overall (code) quality of pods is terrible. Every update is a risk. It has a lot of technical debt, you will inherit using pods. Personally, it got more obvious after learning that Caldera Forms and Pods are from the same person originally. Unfortunately, I had to customize Caldera Forms too, which really was a burden… Clever ideas, but unmaintainable code…

Doesn't work with Elementor - Buggy

By billunderwood on August 13, 2023

Fails in many ways with Elementor and has entry bugs with plain Wordpress. Regularly forces entry in "Text" mode for WYSYG mode instead of Visual. I am up to date with all parts of my site and am still getting regular PHP errors. Not good guys.

BTW how do I export the DATA not just the structure?



By chatzopoulo on August 10, 2023

A very powerful addition for the WP dataBase, good support, does take some improvement with its tutorials though.

Excellent support

By mario-carvajal on July 28, 2023

I received excellent support in slack forum. I solved my problem in 30 minutes. Great!

Great Plugin

By amithkumar4 on July 25, 2023

Pods has helped us create many complex websites for free which otherwise wouldn't be possible . Its simple, intuitive and has a great community on Slack.

Simply the best

By abuzon on June 23, 2023

Pods allows you to do anything you can ever imagine with WP. Amazing developers too! Genius, amazing, responsive, and they get plugin conflicts fixed SO QUICKLY (though Pods is coded so well, plugin conflicts are RARE).


By Walace Marcelo Fagundes (walacef) on May 17, 2023

Plugin is ok on wordpress 6.2.1

Doesnt work with Elementor

By rushmediastudios on April 25, 2023

I was hoping this plugin would work, but it doesn't support the latest version of Elementor. It doesn't allow for selecting a field key.

The best plugin to create CTPs, Custom Fields and Options table

By David Viña (soivigol) on April 8, 2023

For me, it is the best plugin to create custom post with additional custom fields, extend the default post type with custom fields and create quickly a custom table options.
Also, I have to emphasize how easy it is for developers with many functions, hooks and queries to further extend its functionalities.

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