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Pinterest for WooCommerce

Get your products in front of Pinterest users searching for ideas and things to buy. Connect your WooCommerce store to make your entire catalog browsa …
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The Pinterest for WooCommerce extension allows you to connect your WooCommerce store to your Pinterest business account, making your products visible to Pinterest users who are looking for ideas and things to buy. By setting up Pinterest Ads, you can take advantage of a $125 free ad credit from Pinterest and reach a highly engaged audience who are open to discovering new brands and products.


Inspire and Discover

Find new ideas, inspiration, and products on Pinterest

Reach Ready

to-Buy Customers - Put your products in front of Pinterest users who are looking to buy

Boost Brand Loyalty

Build brand loyalty and trust with Pinterest's merchant solutions

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high CPU consumption

By Reinaldo (marketemprende) on September 13, 2023

After installing and connecting, the CPU of the server reached 100% and the site got very slow, I had to deactivate it to prevent a crash.

Do you have any advice to make the sync of products without facing this problem?

Does not work with Hastia theme

By therelaxinglion on September 12, 2023

This plug in said it is compatible with my Theme. However when the plugin is active the only one product shows and all the other pages of my website are gone.

Not possible to work right

By frantem on July 24, 2023

After several weeks and many hours of trying to give it life, I gave up! This plugin is absolutely bad. Everything with the plugin is bad, nothing works. When the plugin notices that 0 out of 110 is zero and finds that an error has occurred, it also writes that there are no solutions to the problem. In short, the plugin is completely useless.

Garbage, fails at the first hurdle

By binarystarr on July 13, 2023

When trying to connect woocommerce and pinterest i simply get "Something went wrong with your attempt to authorise this App. Please try again." with no further help.

Great and smooth plugin, we need the same from pinterest side

By Rami (ramikamil) on July 4, 2023

Great plugin and super support from the woocommerce team. so it's functioning well. hope to see the same on the Pinterest platform.

Great plugin that works, does what it says

By pmcelwee on June 21, 2023

I'm a developer with high standards for the plugins I allow to run on my site. This plugin works well and the development team is responsive, so I'm surprised by the negativity of some other reviews.

Does not work with current versions of Woo and Pinterest

By ThermalStudios on May 3, 2023

This is the fourth project where I have tried to connect this plugin. It always throws errors during the final stages of connecting to your pinterest ad account. It simply doesn't work. You will need to manually install all of the event tracking via tags or API. It's time to pull it or fix it Woo.

Couldn't even connect to Pinterest

By mw815371 on April 18, 2023

I give it two stars for being offered, but all the time I try to connect my site with Pinterest I get an error saying “Something went wrong, please try again latter”. It does not even show a message in the error log. Well, I tried later. But still does not connect, even days later. I'm going to delete this plugin as I'm not going to waste my time with it.

It caused problems in my site

By rafatbarakat on March 27, 2023

I have been suffering from a synchronization problem between my site and Printful for two months, and Printful support and hosting support have also suffered to solve this problem, but unfortunately, they could not solve it until I hired a specialist and unfortunately it was found that the problem was in the "Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin" It's blocking Printful from accessing my site

Plugin is on and off

By artsoulbrother on March 23, 2023

I've been using this plugin for a few years now ( on and off ) and it's always a major rollercoaster ride. When it does work it works well but problem is that it rarely works at all.

I'm just gonna say, if you're not going to do something okay ( I'm not even saying well ) then don't do it at all. You're fucking with our money and that makes us wanna fuck with your money hence I stay away from buying your plugins.

I would add screenshots but that's disabled. The feed has been generating wrong data for weeks and Pinterest is accepting some of it but rejecting quite a bit.

Do yourself a massive favor and use, pretty much any other feed generator is way better, and if you're worried about some tracking issues, use Google Tag Manager, Pinterest has an integration for it ( hire someone if you don't know how ).

Honestly Woo Team, stick to what you're good at ffs!

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