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PHP Code Widget

Like the Text widget, but also allows working PHP code to be inserted.
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The normal Text widget allows you to insert arbitrary Text and/or HTML code. This allows that too, but also parses any PHP code in the text widget and executes it.

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Excellent, awesome // incredible plug in!!

By dglite on July 25, 2022

Excellent, awesome // incredible plug in!!


By holby on June 21, 2020

keep it going please

much better solutions

By Pexle Chris (pexlechris) on June 6, 2020

No highlighting for snippets.Support also doesn't exists. You can find much better plugins to insert php code snippets

Very useful

By Nester (Hobbyits) on February 3, 2020

A very useful widget. Especially in emergency situations when there is no time to write your own solution for your task.

Awesome Plugin

By Xaib Aslam (lahorimela) on September 20, 2019

I was trying to find the updated plugin for PHP and at last I found this, because they update there plugin regularly. So I must say to enjoy this plugin.

Выполняет свою задачу

By kotyarashop on September 5, 2019

Выполняет свою задачу


By frankpc on February 6, 2019

Works perfectly.

Unfrieking Unfreikingbelievable !!!

By nick6352683 on October 10, 2017

Simply Awesome !!! WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE CORE, AND WITH THE ADDED FUNCTIONALITY TO EXECUTE PHP IN THE EDITOR??? No, instead we waste our time with useless Gutenberg !!! Thanks for the plugin, it is a time saver for me. I can put the code in a widget, and display the widget in the content area via a shortcode... does the job well.

Cool widget

By vietnamsales on September 3, 2016

Exactly what I was loking for!

I was trying to move a login php to my sidebar by coding it, when I found this plugin:
It 's simple and efficient. Great job!


By wafwaf on September 3, 2016

Programmer is not serious about this product. Refused to update the plugin even though WordPress.org still gives a warning it has not been tested with the current version of WordPress. Unprofessional.

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